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Glitter Gal Frappe

The community has been abuzz! Overall Beauty is selling Glitter Gal! We are able to get these holographic hotties on our fingertips with ease – and with the customer service I think most of us have come to know and love from Kim! I ordered Marine Blue, Lizard Belly, Light as a Feather and Frappe. …

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Kleancolor Holo Green w/Crackle

Kleancolor not only makes amazing glitters, they make amazing holographic polishes, as well! I know, I know. I’ve been doing a lot of Kleancolor posts lately. But they’re pretties, right?! I love the combination of green and purple, so I decided to try this holo with a dark purple Burst Crackle polish called Deep Passion. …

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Icing Is Trying To Be #winning?

Somehow I doubt that when Charlie Sheen was giving TV interviews and appearing to melt down, and trending with #winning on Twitter, that he envisioned nail polish to bear names after his most popular quotes. But, here we are. Love the inspiration or not, these Icing glitters are quite Goddess-like 🙂 Swatches, shall we?! Epic …

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