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Jordana FabuLiner Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve had the eyeliner debate many times with fellow beauty fans: Liquid or pencil? Pencil or liquid? I love both. But most of the people I know choose pencil, because liquid can be hard to apply and awkward with the shorter handles and the sometimes flexible brushes. If you’ve ever wanted to try liquid liner, …

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"Under-eye" eyeliner

I’m pale, and I know this. Being pale is one of the reasons I kinda operated for a long time under the assumption that using eyeliner on my lower lash line made me look like the proverbial raccoon. A few years ago, I decided to get daring and smudged black eyeliner under my lower lashes …

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Tackling liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner, along with mascara, is the finishing touch on your eye makeup. But yet, application of eyeliner and finding the right mascara are two of the toughest parts of doing eye makeup! (Mascara formulations seem endless…but this is a post about eyeliner. Mascara another time :)) There are so many different forms of eyeliner – …

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