August 2019 Empties

August Beauty Empties hair care skincare makeup

I’m always excited to see what I’ve used up in a month. It feels good that I’m getting my money’s worth, but has also helped me become aware of trends in my product use so I can spend and use more wisely.

So let me share what I used up last month!

Neutrogena Facial Wipes – Night Calming

Per usual! $12.99 for both – I bought a two-pack at Ulta.

Would I repurchase? Yep. But am trying to slow down use of disposable face wipes.

Pixi Skintreats Rose Cream Cleanser

This is the second tube I’ve used. I love this cleanser. It’s gentle, has a very soft rose scent that doesn’t offend me and cleans my face well. I test other cleansers but over the last few months, I come back to this! It’s $18 at Target or on the Pixi site.

Would I repurchase? Yes. As soon as I finish a couple others that need to be used up!

Patrick Ta Major Glow Highlighting Mist in We Love Her

I love a good highlighter. One that can be soft and subtle for everyday, a glittery one for nights out and something like this – so luminous that you could see the glow from far away, but it just makes you look RADIANT. This is my special occasion highlighter and I’ve used it on me and my best friend. I will say that I only got a few uses from the can. I felt some had leaked out with the can on its side. I made sure to carve space for this can in my highlighter storage so that it stands up and can’t spill. Hopefully this will mean it lasts longer. Especially since I paid $32 for this bottle.

Would I repurchase? Oh yes – I picked up a new We Love Her and another of the shades – Look at Her – during Sephora’s VIB sale!

Fran Wilson Nail Tees

I love using these to clean up around my nails when I paint them. I would like to try a clean-up brush and limit my waste (seems to be a theme for me recently, maybe I’ll write something about it soon) but I just haven’t had a lot of luck with brushes the way I have with these. These are $3.75 ($7.50 for two packs) on Amazon.

Would I repurchase? Yep! I keep myself stocked in these pointy cotton swabs! But I am going to experiment with brushes.

OGX Kukui Oil  Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil

I use a shine spray to finish up when I do my hair. This one did a great job and had a nice light scent. This is $6.49 (I can’t recall where I got it but OGX is available widely!).

Would I repurchase? Yes, But when I went to buy it I didn’t see it and ended up with another OGX spray!

Veil Cosmetics Sunset Light Primer Serum

I bought this primer at The Makeup Show NYC, I think a couple years ago. I really love it. It’s hydrating, and it’s not “slippery” feeling. You can also use it as a mixing base to lighten coverage of your liquid foundation. I don’t necessary believe you need primer if you are using a good moisturizing routine prior to applying your makeup, but sometimes I like the ritual of it or I skip moisturizer and use a hydrating primer. This primer costs $45.

Would I repurchase? Yes! But I do want to use up some of the other primers in my stash first.

Sassy Cat Lacquer Polish Quick Dry Oil Spray

I used this a couple times but when I went to use it again recently, the bottle was empty. I’m not quite sure if it spilled out and evaporated or I used it all and didn’t remember. Either way, I was bummed I only used it a couple times but it was nice. I spent $7.50 for this spray.

Would I repurchase? No. I think I prefer drying drops.

Ulta Cotton Rounds

I have been using a lot of these recently because of Pixi By Petra’s Vitamin C line – I use one for the cleanser and one for the toner. I have started using the larger face rounds and use one end for each product to save money on rounds. But back to these cotton rounds – I like them! These rounds are $2.99 per package.

Would I repurchase? Yes!

For August I used up $128.72 worth of product, bringing my 2019 total to $765.19.

Not too shabby! Maybe I can hit $1,000 used product by end of year!

Did you use up a lot this month?!