Lip Powder Trend: Hit or Miss? Wet n’ Wild Snowmelt Review


Wet n wild snow melt lip powder

Have you noticed the attempted comeback of lip powders?

I tried, and loved, the small Revlon Color Charge Lip Powder palettes that came out maybe a year or more ? I love the versatility of applying the powder over lipstick. L’Oreal also had a lip powder product within the last year and I tried and liked one of those, but didn’t hold onto it or write about it here.

Wet n’ Wild Snowmelt, according to the Ulta store display, is exclusive to Ulta, and honestly, I think that’s smart. Because I don’t know if it’s worthwhile to launch these everywhere…

Snow Melt lippies come in seven shades (according to the Ulta website) and the description says these lipsticks transform “from a snow-like powder to a cream texture upon application.” That is very true! The description also says the seven shades are flattering for all skin tones. I can see that as well. The finish is a tint with a matte texture.

Here are swatches of my two picks, left to right, Blizzard Berry and Snowball Fight:

You can see the fallout from both on my hand but that they look creamy where I swiped the wand across my hand!

Blizzard Berry looked gorgeous on my lips – opaque and rich, but very brown against my fair skin tone, which you can see in both the swatch and on my lips here:

It definitely dried down to a matte formula and the lasting power was pretty decent. I touched up after lunch in my usual spot for touch up, the more inner part of my lips.

I confess: I didn’t take a picture of Snowball Fight. It looked bad on me. It seemed like it should be opaque, but instead of providing the pigmentation Blizzard Berry did, or a soft tint, it was patchy on me and hard to even up. I exfoliate my lips every other day with a sugar scrub, and keep them hydrated (I have to living in a very hot, tropical climate!). In order to salvage my lip look, I put a sheer lipstick over it that added  bit of duochromatic shimmer.

Something else I noticed about these lippies: Powder clouds. When you open the lipstick and remove the wand, particles of powder puff out. There is fallout, but the second the wand touches your lips it’s smooth and creamy. It’s so bizarre. They dry back down to matte. I did not notice the fallout on my face, which is great.

I would say buyer beware; just between these two shades, my experience was drastically different and inconsistent. While I liked Blizzard Berry, Snowball Fight was a disaster for me. And I’d recommend opening them over a sink or somewhere that you can easily cleanup due to the powder fallout.

If you are curious to try them, they are $6.99 and available here.

I won’t be buying anymore lip powders, I think. I’m done experimenting with this trend. What about you – have you tried any of these SnowMelt lippies? Are you on board or over the reenergized lip powder trend?