KBShimmer inspired by magic and witchcraft for September’s Polish Pickup!

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For September, KBShimmer is getting witchy and magical in Polish Pickup and Indie Pickup! The coming month is themed “Magic and Alchemy”!

The brand will have a gorgeous magnetic nail polish and a sugar scrub – check them both out!

Something Wicca This Way Comes

KBShimmer Something Wicca This Way comes

Something Wicca This Way Comes is inspired by The WB show, “Charmed”!

Christy of KBShimmer said, “College was hard, but what made those years bearable for me was coming home to watch The WB! In the late 90’s and early ’00s, The WB had all the magical shows: ‘Buffy,’ ‘Angel,’ and my favorite, ‘Charmed.'”

For those who might not know, “Charmed” featured a trio of sisters dealing with a family loss and their newfound identities as “The Charmed Ones,” the most powerful good witches!

Christy said, “Fans of the show discussed whether Dan or Leo should win Piper’s hand, had a love-hate relationship with Cole, and many even wanted their own Book of Shadows. Inspired by this magical show, Something Wicca This Way Comes is a magnetic polish full of mystery and magic. The deep duochrome base shifts from shades of blue to hues of purple. When a magnet is used, the effect pops through shades of peach, pink, lime and gold. Finally, sparks of holo micro glitter and colorful flakes flow through this polish like magic floating through the air.”

Check this beautiful polish out:

KBShimmer Something Wicca this way comes

KBShimmer Something Wicca This Way comes

KBShimmer Something Wicca This Way comes

KBShimmer Something Wicca This Way comes

Something Wicca This Way Comes is best in two coats on its own, or one to two coats over a black polish. I wore it on its own and loved it!

The magnet I used is an old China Glaze magnet. I love the diagonal line design it gives.

Removing this polish is simple – the flakes come off without a problem and the micro glitter do not make it hard at all.

Lime Margarita Sugar Scrub

KBShimmer lime margarita sugar scrub indie pickup

My Friday and Saturday nights mostly consist of Netflix or Hulu, nail polish, and exhaustion from a day of work and/or parenting. Margaritas and nights out are few and far between these days!

Thanks to KBShimmer, I can have a margarita in my shower every weekend if I want, lol!

KBShimmer lime margarita sugar scrub

“As summer draws closer to its end, I find myself feeling nostalgic, and watching old movies. One movie I recently rewatched was ‘Practical Magic,'” Christy said. “This witchy movie follows a cursed family who struggles with their relationships with men and each other. One of my favorite scenes starts with the sound of a blender. Then, the quartet of witches sings about limes and coconuts while sipping their margaritas. This magical scene inspired our September sugar scrub, Lime Margarita. This juicy, drink-inspired scent starts with notes of salty lime blended with subtle hints of raspberry, apple, strawberry, and peach. Finished with wisps of jasmine and vanilla, this scent smells so much like the real thing that you’ll wish you could drink it!”

The sugar scrub is a nice, moisturizing exfoliator. I love using KBShimmer sugar scrubs after I’ve shaved my legs, and every now and then I like to get the dead skin off my arms and chest. The scent is nice and summery but for those who love a good margarita, timeless.

When open, shop the PPU website here. Remember – you can only purchase these two goodies over the first weekend of September (September 6-9). If you don’t know – PPU and Indie Polish Pickup are a monthly sale of indie nail polish and beauty-related items that makers create with a community-generated theme. So the polishes and beauty items for sale are limited edition and special!

Don’t forget to keep up with the selling platform and KBShimmer – the Polish Pickup Facebook page is here, Indie Pickup Page is here and KBShimmer here!

Something Wicca This Way Comes and Lime Margarita will retail for $10.00 each with no cap.

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