Heartbreaker: Truly Organic’s Jelly Lip Plumping Mask


Recently, I was exactly what Ulta wants in the checkout line. The shopper that scans the racks of product standing in the checkout line and grabs one – falling prey to the store’s last effort to get you to make an impulse purchase.

I couldn’t resist this lip mask from Truly Organics – the Heartbreaker Jelly Lip Plumping Mask. I am skeptical about our need for glitter in skincare like peel-off masks. It feels so unnecessary!

But enter Judy Who Impulse Buys In Line at Ulta, and we have here a review on a glittery lip mask.

The Mask contains peppermint and cayenne, which stimulate the lips in a sharp way with stinging. Aloe, vitamin E and coconut oil are nice ingredients to moisturize lips and the ceramides are a nice supplement, but the plumping effect comes from the mint and spice.

The glitter pieces are small and large hearts of pink, red and purple colors. I admit that the glitter and the formula of the mask drew me in, and I was pleased to see it’s biodegradable and plant-based glitter. Because again, glitter in skincare just seems weird to me, just an aesthetic I don’t necessarily need.

I applied the mask with my fingers after my evening cleansing and moisturizing routine.

I left the mask on for five minutes. The directions say three to five. I felt it stinging but that kind of thing doesn’t bother me. If you do not like this sensation, you may not like this product. Do you remember those venom lippies from DuWop? That’s what this reminded me of.

I tried not to talk or move my lips while wearing this. It doesn’t dry down, and I didn’t want to end up eating glitter or jelly mask, lol!

When my five minutes were up, I washed it off with water, just with my hands and then I dried my lips with a towel.

Here is a before and after:

Can you see the difference? My lips look less … wrinkled or shriveled after the mask! It plumps my lips in a natural, subtle way. It does sting in the process but I can tolerate the feeling. The glitter makes this more fun, but is completely unnecessary. I don’t hate it, although I disliked that I still had tiny flecks clinging to my lips after I washed the mask off; I’ll use a little soap next time.

This is a mask I would like to use in the morning, before putting my lipstick on and heading out the door, to see how long the effect lasts. I don’t need to plump my lips before bed to sleep all night in the dark, haha! But I could tell in the morning that my lips were definitely a bit softer and plumper than normal but it didn’t last long after I was up.

Truly Organics Heartbreaker Jelly Plumping Lip Mask is $14 and while I can’t find it on the Ulta site, I found it on Truly Organics’ site here.

Have you tried any skincare with glitter in it? What do you think of stinging, plumping masks?