CoverGirl Outlast Active 24-hour Foundation review

I purchased this.

If it were not for foundation, I would be unable to wear colorful lippies or eye makeup. I have no problem walking around with a naked face, but foundation is ultimately what evens my skin and allows me to express myself in colorful makeup looks!

It’s likely that I’ll never stop checking out new foundations, and this CoverGirl Outlast Active 24-Hour Foundation + Octinoxate Sunscreen is no exception!

Since I’ve really enjoyed CoverGirl products lately, I decided to take this home with me from Walmart.

Although I do not need 24-hour coverage (please, I’m in my 40s and usually in bed by 10 p.m…don’t make me stay up that late!), I am always on the hunt for something that will provide me even coverage and stay put without oxidizing, turning into an oil slick, wearing off in odd patches or settling into my pores.

I ended up choosing Golden Ivory, which is a bit unusual; usually I’m wearing shades like Porcelain or Classic Ivory. But, I match my face with my neck and chest, and this is what matches me best during summer.

Here’s a swatch of Golden Ivory on my inner arm:

Covergirl outlast active foundation

It doesn’t look like it’s a match but I promise, it is!

Here’s my face prior to application:

Covergirl outlast active foundation

Here’s half application:

Covergirl outlast active foundation

Full face:

Covergirl outlast active foundation

And here’s a shot of my completed look, and different lighting to demonstrate the color match:

Covergirl outlast active foundation

The consistency is like a very light cream. It blends easily and it doesn’t settle into my pores.I The color stays true and doesn’t oxidize. And I found this foundation wore really well. I never tested its 24-hour promise, but I’ve been favoring it over the last couple weeks. I also haven’t tested this while being active unless you count running after children being active!

Will this work for you? My skin type is sensitive, with rosacea and when super stressed or unhealthy, I manage eczema on my face. However, my skin is in pretty good condition right now, moisturized, with no flare-up. I am also naturally red-faced from top to bottom. I have large pores (I’m looking into HydraFacials to get this under control).

This foundation is available where Covergirl is available – mine cost $8.94 at Walmart.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?!