May PPU & IPU: KBShimmer Inspired by Rainbow Brite, Pop Rocks

Disclaimer: PR sample, see bottom

I clearly remember my obsession with Rainbow Brite.

OBSESSED is how I can best describe my feeling about her beautiful, bright clothing and her furry little sidekick Sprite. I had all the plush toys, watched the cartoon. It was a simple time, back when Play-Doh was cool and I still believed in the tooth fairy.

“As a kid, I loved colorful toys,” said Christy Rose of KBShimmer’s Rainbow Brite-inspired Polish Pickup nail polish, The Brite Stuff. “I wanted the pony with rainbow hair, Cheer Bear with his colorful tummy, and of course, Rainbow Brite! Rainbow Brite helped the Color Kids spread color throughout the world with color crystals and star sprinkles. The Brite Stuff was inspired by the colorful Rainbow Brite. “

The Brite Stuff is a bright blue thermal base that sets off a rainbow of small glitters that really pop when the base turns a lighter blue, and then white, with heat.  My favorite added touch?

“Each bottle will come with a bag of star sprinkles so that you too can help bring color to the world!” Christy said.

The Brite Stuff on Nubs

I don’t have immediate nail art using the stars, but it is on my agenda. It’ll be great to revisit for Memorial Day here in the United States, but I actually have some waterslide decals of Rainbow Brite and I need to revisit my nail art stash for a super fun nail look!

Before I share swatches, I have to say…I LOVE looking at other bloggers’ swatches of thermals because my nails are pretty short right now, with only a tiny bit of edge. Some of my fellow bloggers who share swatches of KBShimmer pretties have GORGEOUS long nails, and can demonstrate the tri-thermal effect The Brite Stuff has.

My nubs are a bit different – but that doesn’t mean I don’t love thermals on my nubs! So for those of you with nubs like me, I hope you find my swatches useful in determining what the effect might look like – and how it might not!

Completely warm:

KBShimmer The Brite Stuff Polish Pickup May 2019

Middle state:

Cold state:

First thing I noticed is how effective this thermal is at shifting. I washed my hands and as soon as my hands were out of the water the polish started to change back to the color it is at my more normal body temperature state.

Remember – thermals are not guaranteed to have their effect for life; given the ingredients and special magic of the trick, they have a shelf life of about six months. You can do two coats but I love three for this beauty!

Popping Bath Powder in Wacky Watermelon

“When I first had Pop Rocks as a kid, I was blown away,” Christy said. “That sweet yet tart flavor and fun popping experience in your mouth made for one amazing treat! Our Popping Bath Powder is inspired by Pop Rocks.”

Christy said KBShimmer “started with pure luxurious cocoa butter and then added moisturizing coconut milk powder for a silky, skin-softening soak.”

There’s a scoop provided with the powder. The sweet and tart watermelon fragrance scents the inviting foam just waiting to moisturize your skin!

KBShimmer recommends using 1-2 scoops as a hand or foot soak, or add 3-4 scoops from the 9.5 oz. bag for a decadent bath.

Just to clarify – there are NO actual Pop Rocks in this Bathing Powder, but you will feel like you are in the bath-version of the experience of eating Pop Rocks candy!

I used this for my toddler’s bath time recently, and she was thrilled with the experience, loving the scent of watermelon most of all, and I loved how silky the water felt. She struggles with eczema, so I like to help her skin get all the moisture it can get! It was fun to scoop the powder into the tub with her! I shared a video on Instagram recently of us experiencing it together.

I also used it recently to give myself a hand soak. I actually didn’t soak all of my hands, but focused on the part that needs the moisture and love most – my nails, cuticles and fingers. It was nice and I kept smelling my hands after, the watermelon scent is SO yummy to me.

When open, shop the PPU website here. Remember – you can only purchase these two goodies over the first weekend of May! (May 3-6). If you don’t know – PPU and Indie Polish Pickup are a monthly sale of indie nail polish and beauty-related items that makers create with a community-generated theme. So the polishes and beauty items for sale are limited edition and special!

Don’t forget to keep up with the selling platform and KBShimmer – the Polish Pickup Facebook page is here, Indie Pickup Page is here and KBShimmer here!

The Brite Stuff will retail for $10.00 each with no cap. Popping Bath Powder in Wacky Watermelon will retail for $10.00 with no cap.

What do you think of this thermal, and this bath powder?! Will they be on your PPU/IPU wish list?!

Disclaimer: I received the product in this post for consideration from the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!