Favorite Brands – Makeup, Nails, Skincare and Accessories!

I have a constant ebb and flow of favorites- favorite lipstick formula, favorite foundation, favorite this or that. But no matter how many different brands I try and fall in love with, one thing generally stays constant: My favorite brands!

I thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorites and to ask you: What are YOUR favorite brands?!

Today I start with four – check back next Monday for more!

Favorite Makeup Brand: Urban Decay

Urban decay

Several, several years ago, I fell in love with Urban Decay.

I discovered the brand back when everything was in genie bottles; I went through bottles of foundation, eyeliners and my holiest of Holy Grails – Primer Potion. Grind and Kiddie Pool were favorite shadow colors; I loved the lipsticks that had sword handles at the bottom of the tube, and when I missed out on the first Book of Shadows, I bought one on eBay.

Throughout the years, Urban Decay has hardly ever disappointed me. I’ve continued to enjoy their eye shadow formula, lipsticks and not only is Primer Potion a Holy Grail, so are 24/7 pencil eyeliners. Although I’m not as big of a fan of their foundation, there isn’t much I won’t use from Urban Decay.

Favorite Skincare Brand: Pixi

Pixi beauty

I’ve been fortunate to try a variety of Pixi Beauty products over the years as one of the brand ambassadors, but there is plenty that I have tried on my own, like the Rose line. With the exception of my second pregnancy, when my skin changed temporarily, and times when I’m reviewing various products, the brand’s iconic Glow Tonic has been a staple in my skincare.

I absolutely love using their mists in my skincare routine.  As I age and my skin changes, I love that Pixi has something for all the different needs of my skin.

Not only is the skincare a favorite, but so is the makeup. I might be a brand ambassador, but I have spent plenty of my money on things like more tubes of H2O SkinTint and Beauty Balm; Rose Cleanser and Rose Balm. I have an eye cream from Pixi that I enjoy – it’s something I picked up while shopping on Target’s website.

Pixi is a great in-between brand when it comes to price point (not prestige and a bit more than drugstore) and it delivers.

Favorite Nail Brand: KBShimmer


KBShimmer has my heart.

I admit, OPI was my favorite brand for the longest while. But then I went in on a joint order with a coworker several years ago and tried my first KBShimmer polishes. I was hooked!

Like Pixi – I work with the brand – true. But I spend my money with them, too. My desk, my purse and my bureau have Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream tunes. I have a bottle of Pink Sugar Body Lotion on my desk, too. I swear by the combo of Basic Training base coat and Clearly on Top Quick Dry Top Coat. The sugar scrubs make my skin so soft and the cuticle oil pens are perfect pick-me-ups for my skin on the go.

Over the years, the brand has pushed the boundaries of trends and fun with texture, flanked, crelly glitters, holo, magnetic, thermal and more. They are professional, with great customer service and a savvy marketing plan. There’s a lot to admire about this indie brand!

Favorite Beauty Accessory Brand: Breakups to Makeup

Breakups to Makeup

I like to wear my passion for something on my sleeve. Or my chest. Or my makeup bag!

So it’s no wonder that I have a favorite accessory brand!!! Breakups to Makeup has such fun makeup-oriented sayings printed on shirts, makeup bags of all types and sizes, compacts – I even had a phone case for a while!

I think my favorite saying from the brand is “I may not be perfect by my makeup is.” Amen! Having seen Angelique, the owner of the brand, throughout the years at The Makeup Show NYC and helping her celebrate her five-year brand anniversary last year, that endears me as well – when you know good people run a brand, it makes it even easier to be loyal and to support!

So tell me in the comments below – what are you favorite skincare, makeup, makeup accessory and nail brands?!