March Empties!

I had a killer month on empties, from perfume to haircare. I’d love to know what you used up this month, too!

Not pictured: Basin and Top Shelf Lacquer Shower Bombs; Basin Villains Bath Bomb

I don’t know why I’m grouping these all together but they all felt so tied together. I used three shower bombs this month – one from a 2018 Top Shelf Lacquer Polish Pickup order and two from Basin, which my niece Suzie introduced me too while visiting last month.

The Top Shelf bombs are small – actually perfectly-sized for a brief shower! There were three in the set, which was $9; I believe I used an energizing one this month. Using one means I used up $3 this month.

Basin is a new favorite. I purchased my first bath bomb in years; I haven’t taken a bath in a really long time. I had to take an Epsom bath, so I popped the Villains bomb in with it and it was fun. The scent was heady, not something I’d typically reach for – anything with vanilla is usually too much for me when mixed with a night musk scent. This also has a berry scent too. This bath bomb is $4.79 (it’s actually $5.99 but I used my annual Passholder card for a 20% off discount.)

I used two Basin shower bombs this month. I can not recall the one that I used, what it was; I want to say it had eucalyptus in it but I do remember the first one was Satsuma scented. Yum!! $7.98 for both, including discount.

Will I repurchase? Yes, definitely the ones from Basin – they are convenient for me to purchase and are huge, so it’s nice to reserve use of them for when my shower might go a little longer!

Basin Mickey Mouse Soap

This soap has such a lovely light, lily scent. It’s sweet; and I absolutely love the Mickey head it has and the colorful flowers. It lathered up nicely and washed away leaving a clean, fresh feeling on my skin.

Each bar of soap is sold by weight, so I don’t recall how many ounces my bar was and exactly how much it cost, but it was around the same as this new bar I put in the picture, so you could see how cute this soap is! $5.98

Will I repurchase? Yes, already did!

Up & Up Premium Cotton Ovals (50 ct.)

These are a staple. I use this size when I apply toner to my face or am using micellar water to take off makeup.

These are well priced at only $1.69.

Will I repurchase? Yes!

Senna Brow Fix X Golden Brown

Probably wouldn’t be adding this to the empties JUST yet, although there isn’t much product left. But as I turned the cap closed, the plastic cap snapped. So it no longer seals.

I used this brow gel almost everyday to tame my brows and modestly deepen them a bit.

On the Senna site, this product is $22.

Will I repurchase? I would consider it but I have some of my favorite brow gel from Serenity + Scott on hand to replace it.

Jesse’s Girl JulieG Jet Set Quick Dry Top Coat

I reviewed this back in 2013 here. Since it launched, I’ve always had a bottle in my stash. Unfortunately, Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and all associates brands were sold by the Lawrence family, and Jesse’s Girl is no longer in Rite Aid or available on line. I’m bummed, because they sold my Holy Grail black Liquid Eyeliner, too. I just really liked the family, the people behind the brand, and as excited for them that they are moving on, I am so sad, as if a chapter of my own blogging story has ended, too.

This top coat was $3.99 – such a great price point!

Will I repurchase? Sadly, it’s no longer an option. I think I have a spare in my stash though.

Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Wipes

A staple in my empties each month. I used three, so it was $19.49, plus $1.99 for the travel pack. I used so many this month because I found myself using them for other things – like wiping the dirt off my legs after attending an outdoor, in-the-dirt event!

Will I repurchase? Always do!

Wet n’ Wild Personal Best Exfoliating Cleansing Balls

Yes, you read that right. Balls of exfoliating facial cleanser. *insert grade school giggle.* These balls are convenient for travel and your gym bag, but there’s only 12, so they’re not very economical for everyday use! A little water and rubbing it between your fingers and they break apart, foaming to a cleanser that’s just the perfect amount to clean up. These retail for $7.99 and I got mine at CVS.

Will I repurchase? I do have another, but I am undecided. I don’t find these economical for daily use, but could use them for work travel. I don’t need to wash my face at the gym.

Morrocan Oil Hand Cream – Original Scent

This hand cream is wonderful. It’s formulated with avocado and argan oils as well as butters of mango, shea and cocoa. I have had it for several years, but more recently I started using it at work everyday. I was a bit sad when it emptied because of how it made my hands feel, but at the same time, the Morrocan Oil original scent is a bit heady for me; it smelled perfumed, and did linger on my hands for a while.

This product is listed for $24 on the Morrocan Oil website.

Will I repurchase? No. As much as I like the formula, the scent is strong and sometimes I found it a bit hard to handle. I will definitely check out the other scents that this hand cream comes in to see if they are a bit more tolerable to my sniffer!

John Freida Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Crème

Coincidentally featured in my March favorites, it’s also one of my March empties. I probably should have included it in an earlier favorites, lol! This product is $8.99.

Will I repurchase? Already did!

KBShimmer Blushed Orchid Cuticle Oil Pen

I’ve reviewed the cuticle oil and the scents KBShimmer launched last year in a prior post, so I won’t dwell!

KBShimmer cuticle oil pens retail on the site for $6.

Will I repurchase? Yes, I’d like to try other scents too.

Chloe perfume

Here’s something I don’t use up very often: Perfume. I purchased this bottle of Chloe a while back, definitely more than a couple years ago. I remember is was located in the wrong spot, and I got it cheaper than it actually was by like $20. I believe I paid $65 for it. This scent soon became my signature. I love smelling it throughout the day, and I receive many compliments on how I smell when I wear it.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely! It’s been my signature scent for a while!

Dove Antiperspirant Spray in Cotton Soft

Another product I use just about every month as evidenced in this BeautyJudy site search. I spent $5.99 on it at Target.

Will I repurchase: Already have!

This month I used up a grand total of $183.89 in product, bringing my 2019 total to: $352.53!

What have you used up in March?!