KBShimmer Launch Party 2019 Collection

Disclaimer: PR sample, see bottom

When a brand decides to update its look, it’s always risky. Will consumers like it? Will it change brand perception?

Last year, KBShimmer celebrated its 10-year anniversary by launching a brand new, sophisticated and holographic look that was a hit! The team launched a beautiful collection of space-themed magnetic nail polish called Launch Party to bring us along on the celebration!

“Now, we celebrate the one year anniversary of KBShimmer’s new look – which we love even more today! – by bringing you a new magnetic top coat trio!” Said Christy Rose of KBShimmer.  “ This trio features magnetic multichrome flakes and vibrant micro holo flakes for a celestial look that is out of this world! “

KBShimmer recommends that these three polishes are best worn over black or other dark colors, so I wore each one this way: Over one coat of KBShimmer Eclipse (Black crème launched spring 2014) on my left hand and by itself on my right hand.

These polishes launch today (Monday, April 8) around 10 a.m. EST, and the trio is $30 or $10 each. The first 50 to purchase the trio set will receive the KBShimmer Neodymium Ring Magnet for free (read on for more on the magnet). All of my swatches use this magnet!

Let’s just dive in!

Universal Appeal

KBShimmer Universal appeal

KBShimmer Universal appeal

Universal Appeal is shown above over one coat of Eclipse.

KBShimmer describes Universal Appeal this way and I love it: “Galaxies swirl with planets, stars, dust and dark matter.  Universal Appeal is a galaxy-inspired shade alive like the Milky Way, with hues of purple and pink that shift into a vibrant emerald green.  At some angles, hints of golden orange or dusty silver also appear. Micro holo flakes add sparkle and shine to this magnetic flake top coat.”

Have I ever mentioned I love the sky and the universe? Sigh.

Universal Appeal can also be worn alone in two to three coats when not magnetized for a unique multichrome finish.

Here it is by itself with no “undies,” or base dark color:

Here they are close together – you can definitely tell that Universal Appeal pops against the black undies but that if you wore it alone, you’d be opaque and covered:

Moon On Over

KBShimmer Moon On Over KBShimmer Moon On Over Launch Party Collection 2019 nail polish

Moon On Over over one coat of Eclipse.

KBShimmer says, “As dusk gives way to night, the vibrant tones of nature become muted as moonlight casts a soft glow. Moon On Over is inspired by those muted tones and features a soft peach hue that shifts to pink, lime, and grass green.  Micro holo flakes add sparkle and shine to this magnetic flake top coat.”

I love this description, and this inspiration. It’s such a beautiful interpretation of this time of evening!

Again, best worn over black or other dark colors but check her out alone:

I did not get the side-by-side comparison of my hands for this one as I was traveling and had no one to help! But again, you can see that this on its own is opaque in just two to three coats.

Sol Mate

Sol Mate is interesting because it has such interesting shifts from pinky purple all the way to copper and peach and even a little green. KBShimmer says, “Hot, fiery, and warming, the sun changes our moods, warms our homes, and gives life to our planet.  Sol Mate echoes the colors of nature that the sun helps bring to life.  Starting as a bright pink, Sol Mate quickly shifts to shades of gold, green, copper and peach. Micro holo flakes add sparkle and shine to this magnetic flake top coat.”

Here is Sol Mate alone:

Sol Mate is so dimensional. It was the first one I wore.

Here’s the side-by-side comparison of my hands wearing it both ways, with or without undies!

Is there anyone that does NOT love a good magnetic polish?!

Neodymium Ring Magnet

This one-inch magnet has a 3/4-inch opening large enough for most fingers, and is 1/4-inch in width. For a curved, negative space on the nail, hold ring flat against nail about 1/4 inch away. For a subtle linear look, hold nail inside the ring. This magnet can be used with all magnetic polishes (including gel varieties).

For all my swatches, I held the ring flat against the surface of the nail to create a very “Milky Way”/galaxy look to my magnetic effect. I really like this magnet!

Final Thoughts

I wanted to share some final thoughts as these are all similar polishes and had similar application, formula and effect.

I found them easily magnetized, and beautiful whether you did or didn’t. I don’t have swatches of them without using the ring magnet, but it’s still a very beautiful multichrome effect.

I preferred two coats of these polishes over Eclipse compared with on their own, because I could get better coverage at my nail tips with the black base. Can you see in my photos where it seems the polish didn’t quite cover the tips of my nails? It’s just the nature of the polish. It was not noticeable when I wore these out and about – in fact, the two different hands were not noticeable at all as the only comments I received while wearing the polishes were compliments and questions on where to buy whichever one I had on at the time!

I have poor eyesight, and as I’ve gotten older, I need a lot of light to do my nails, and I have to be very careful when using magnetic polish because if I don’t, I touch the magnet to the wet nail. Both the KBShimmer magnets are easy to clean up from polish mishaps, and I found that despite a few incidents of touching the surface of the polish, top coat smoothed everything out and the formula of the polish with its scattered holo and dimension from the shifts carried the imperfection like nothing happened!

All the info is at the top of the post – but tell me in the comments below – does this Launch Party collection interest you?! What about that ring magnet?!

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