Donate Your Mascara Wands to Wands for Wildlife®

Mostly when friends tag me in a Facebook thread it’s something funny (usually involving cats) or something about a nail or makeup trend!

Earlier this year, my bestie tagged me on a post about donating mascara wands to a charitable organization that uses them for wildlife. I was intrigued!

Wands for Wildlife®, a program of the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, will take your cast-aside wands – cleaned with warm & soapy water first! – to clean the fur of wildlife, using the fine bristles to take off fly eggs and larva, according to the website.

Photo courtesy of Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

“Because the bristles are soft and so close together, they reduce the risk of potential injury to tiny patients – especially squirmy babies,” Kimberly Brewster, co-founder of the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge said in an email.

“Wands for Wildlife® started from a Facebook post put up by co-founder and wildlife rehabilitator Savannah Trantham on her personal page on March 10, 2017,” Brewster said. “One of her friends, who is a makeup consultant, asked her to make the post public so she could share on her business page and it took off! (Here is the original post!) Since then  we have received wands from every state in the country and places around the world.”

Wands for Wildlife® is a program run by the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in Western North Carolina. I reached out to them with a couple questions, and they actually responded – they are the nicest people!

But then, animal lovers usually are!


I haven’t made my wand donation yet, because I have a couple I still have to clean (some recent disappointing mascaras, like Younique’s Epic Mascara – not so epic unless you mean the smudging under my eyes, ugh) and I am going to ask some local girlfriends if they want to get in on my shipment out! But I got my older daughter in on the fun of cleaning a couple of my older wands recently! 

I used Dapple Pure n’ Clean Bottles and Dishes soap, which is what I use on baby bottles and sometimes to clean my makeup brushes!

After I cleaned the wands, I stuck them in a snack size plastic baggie because I knew I wouldn’t be mailing them right away and I wanted them to stay clean!

In addition to donating the mascara wands, I purchased a T-shirt in support of Appalachian Wildlife Refuge and its program!

I love the image – how adorable?!

I hope you will consider giving your old mascara wands new life! Here are some links to find various things, like:

Have you ever heard of the Wands for Wildlife® program? Would you consider sending your wands for this adorable cause?!