Tips for Corporate-Appropriate Glitter Looks

Dear Katie brown pressed glitter

I love adding oomph to my eye looks with a bit of pressed eye glitter, but for the first three months I wore it, I tended to stay on the safe side and stuck to my off-work weekends for my sparkles.

But that grew to be boring. I wanted to wear glitter all the time, because it makes me happy. It’s really that simple; it’s the little things, sometimes!

Although I work as a leader in a corporate environment, I’ve learned how to bring my whole self to work in an appropriate way – appropriate for my workplace, and appropriate for who I am!

I first decided to push these boundaries after an exchange on Instagram with @dearkatiebrown.

I posted a screenshot of the goodies I purchased from Dear Katie Brown Black Friday weekend, and I wrote, “”Cheers to being extra on weekends.”

DKB wrote, “Yay! We support being extra on weekends…and weekdays, too!”

I told her that I might be able to push the limits at work. It was the holidays, after all, and perhaps I could wear glitter to our office pot luck.

DKB wrote, “In the new year, I’m going to be focusing on creating tutorials about how to wear glitter and how to wear it to work is on top of the request list! Anywhere you can go wearing a diamond, you can go wearing glitter, you just have to know how to accessorize your face.”

That got me thinking. She was right. Why not figure it out for myself? So over the last couple months, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to incorporate glitter into my everyday. I wanted to share with you my favorite ways to wear glitter to work, and provide some tips I’ve learned along the way!

Inner Eye Highlight

One of the easiest ways I have incorporated glitter into my everyday look is by adding a little sparkle to my inner eye corner. I usually use a highlight eye shadow shade, so I pop a little glitter on top of it! Here I added DKB Let Them Eat Cake to my inner corner.

Dear Katie Brown glitter

I do this with a cream shadow brush that could double as a cream concealer brush, as well. OR, I use my finger to dab it on. Either way, it works. I don’t HAVE to use glitter primer, and I don’t always.

Also – I don’t always wear bold eye makeup to work but on occasion, I do.

Inner Corner-Inner Half of the Lid

This is probably where I test the boundaries most often. I’ll add a glitter that doesn’t have a lot of chunky pieces to accent the base color of my inner-half lid. Here I used Valor from the Noble palette from inner corner to the center of my lid.

Dear Katie brown glitter

Here’s another look, using DKB Oracle:

Dear Katie brown glitter

Dear Katie brown glitter

Center of the Lid

I like to light-up the center of my lid with glitter – on weekends, I go for my chunkier glitters, just like I did hear for our holiday event at work – this is Honor from the Noble palette:

Dear Katie brown glitter

Dear Katie brown glitter

I don’t do this more broad application a lot, and I’ll save it for special occasions. But it was fun!

Final Tips

  1. Not every corporation is going to offer the right environment to wear glitter – even if in today’s society, bringing your whole, authentic self to work should be preferred, vs. having to stifle yourself for 40+ hours a week!
  2. Start small. Adding just a touch of glitter was my foray into wearing glitter at work, and no one seemed to notice, or even care!
  3. Just like with any other choice for work – dress for your day. I’m not planning to wear glitter on days when I am more business than business casual – a lot of times it depends on who I have meetings with, and where.

So do you experiment with glitter at all? Would you wear it to work?! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!