Morphe Fluidity Foundation Wear Test and Review

Morphe fluidity foundation

Morphe opened a brick-and-mortar store at The Florida Mall, so of course, I drug my kids and my husband for a shopping outing so I could check it out!

While my family picked up some Auntie Ann’s goodies, I walked around looking at everything I’ve mostly just seen online. Like Jeffree Star Cosmetics. And the vast selection of Morphe eye shadow palettes.

I didn’t realize the brand had a setting spray (although I didn’t get it this trip). I did, however, pick up a couple of my first Morphe brushes.

I really like the Morphe eye palettes I have, I find them easy to blend and the shades are so vibrant. I got a couple small palettes.

When the brand launched a foundation, I was dead-set against trying it. Regarding my post last week – I know I already have a foundation that works great for me, why do I need to try this one?

Well, I got swept up in the store and I shelled out the $18 and picked up the Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation in F1.50, a neutral fair shade.

I wore it twice a couple weeks ago, and haven’t worn it since – I’m debating whether to exchange it or return in. Read on!

Here’s my signature half on, half off picture:

Morphe Fluidity Foundation F1.50 review

Coverage is great. Definitely full-coverage.

Here’s my finished application:

Morphe Fluidity full coverage foundation in f1.50

I thought the foundation delivered its promised full coverage, and the color seemed to be a close match. I went with a neutral shade, a little deeper than the fairest of the fair I might usually pick, because living in Florida my skin is a touch darker.

Here I am with the finished look:

Morphe Fluidity full coverage foundation

It looks pretty great, not gonna lie, I was happy with the application and the coverage. On this particular day, I wore it only for a few hours, running errands with my family.

I wore it again for work, a true wear test for me because I am running around all day with makeup I applied at 6:30 a.m., often until 6:30 at night.

Here’s a pic of my face after work:

The lighting casts an orange look to my skin here, so it’s not really true-to-life. But I can tell you that the shade of the foundation seemed to oxidize a bit, looking a bit darker against my skin tone by the end of the day. You can see my face is slick with oil at my T-zone, and that the foundation is breaking down. I’m not heartbroken that it broke down at the end of the day – it held up pretty good on my nose and other spots, it just started to look like it was reaching the end of its coverage capability!

The shift in how the shade matched my skin was my biggest concern; I don’t mind if I have to touch up my chin on my lunch break but I don’t want to have to walk around as if I don’t know how to pick out the right foundation – because I do!

I’ve been waffling back and forth – do I exchange it for a lighter shade, or return it? The truth is, I have foundations that work. And while I can’t complain overall about this, what if the lighter shade changes, too? I will most likely return it; I kept my receipt and I only used it twice.

This foundation is $18, and can be found on the Morphe site here. There are 60 shades.

Have you tried Fluidity? What are your thoughts?