Clarity and Clean with Rebels and Outlaws

Over the course of my life, I’ve learned a good deal about the healing properties of stones and crystals, how to care for them and charge them with the moon. I’ve more recently, in the last 14+ months, embraced essential oils and alternative ways of approaching healing and mood management/setting.

Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony is a brand I am excited about, because it is completely thoughtful around the intention you can set with scents derived from specific natural ingredients like crystals, oils and herbs/flowers etc.

I discovered Rebels and Outlaws  at The Makeup Show NYC after the brand first launched. I love that the purpose is to help makeup artists set intentions in their work space,  to summon certain energy. I may not be a makeup artist by trade, but as a creative, I find setting intentions to be a great part of my process. It’s even part of my theme for how I want to better myself in 2019.

I’ve tried a handful of products from the brand, including two Potions (Rebels and Outlaws and Pilgrim Pride), a Magick Hands Conditioning Hand Sanitizer, Purify Quick-Dry Brush Cleaner and Phoenix From the Flame candle.

I made my purchases months apart (the bottles at the top at The Makeup Show NYC,  and the candle at the Orlando show) and I bought them because they spoke to me at the time.

Check out my experience with these goodies!

Magick Hands Conditioning Hand Sanitizer

Magick Hands Conditioning Hand Sanitizer is a wonderfully fresh hand sanitizer – in particular I am drawn to the peppermint and eucalyptus in this sanitizer. There’s a small clear quartz in the bottle to add to the energy of the formula.

“This combination of crystal and scent can inspire us to rely more on our intuition and expand our horizons,” according to the website.

The scent of peppermint always brings me clarity, and makes me feel happy. I rely on peppermint essential oil for a variety of help – allergies, headache, cough, cleansing scent – so this spray is perfect for me! If you do not like peppermint or minty scents, this may not be for you.

I love Magick Hands, but it does leave my hands feeling a bit sticky after I spray and rub them together; I rub them very fast and well to try and eliminate that slight tacky feeling. It is unlike any hand sanitizer I’ve ever used.

Magick Hands retails for $15 on the Rebels and Outlaws website.


The two Potions I picked up have different ingredients for different intentions and energy, but I use them both as toners and as a step in my skincare regime. Especially Rebels and Outlaws, made with rose oil.

Rebels and Outlaws Potion is made with rose, rose witchazel,  whiskey, peppercorn, amethyst and moonstone. It’s supposed to help you feel confident breaking the rules, find your voice and have courage, according to the brand.

Pilgrim’s Promise Potion is made of sea salt, witchazel, sea mist, water, pine cone, sandalwood, lime, frankincense, orange, clary sage, bay oil and howlite crystal. It’s supposed to encourage unlimited promise; help to heal, clean and protect; and prepare for the journey ahead, according to the brand.

I chose the Potions I did based on how the scents reached me at that time – last May. At the time, I knew about the opportunity in Florida for work, and I was exploring it. I think I chose these because I needed to prepare for my journey and I needed the courage to do it.

I still find these Potions appropriate, and enjoy the scents as I spray them on my damp facial skin post-shower. I use them as sort of a toner, taking a cotton pad to my face after letting the spray sit for a moment. I follow with a serum and moisturizer.

Each Potion retails for $18 on the brand website.


Jeremy Meek, pictured above, is one of the founders of Rebels and Outlaws, along with James Vincent, director of education and artistry for The Makeup Show and The Powder Group – and working makeup artist:

Purify Quick Dry Brush Sanitizer is “prepared with rosewater, sage and clear quartz to sanitize and dry quickly,” according to the website. “This cleaner clears makeup and old energy to make your makeup design and application more clear and focused.”

I use Purify on my own brushes, not when they need a heavy clean, but it does a great job for me in between deep cleans. I especially love quick-cleaning my eye shading brushes. The scent is lovely, too.

Purify retails for $15 on the website.

Phoenix From the Flame

I had a hard time deciding between Phoenix From the Flame and Mother’s Little Helper, But ultimately, I purchased Phoenix. At the time, I lived in a hotel with my husband and two small children, and I felt in such a state of disarray after moving to Florida. I burned this candle to help clear my anxiety and stress and to focus on the reasons for our move, and the good that would reveal itself as we settled. I couldn’t really burn the candle in our hotel room, so I would open it and sniff it, and started burning it in October when we finally settled into our rental home.

I believe we can always rise from where we are to be better, and when I burn this candle, I’m reminded of that and I think about ways I’d like to improve and grow.

This is an all natural soy wax candle, containing leather, chocolate, sandalwood and stones, and including carnelian, sodalite and one of my favorite stones, hematite.

Phoenix From the Flame retails for $26 on the site.

Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend taking a look at the Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony website to read the in-depth descriptions of why each ingredient was chosen for each product. It’s so thoughtful, and this is such a unique company. I will repurchase from this brand. Although I’ve used each of my products on and off since purchasing them, I still have about half of everything left, except the candle, which hasn’t had AS much burn time as the Potions have been sprayed!

So have you ever heard of Rebels and Outlaws? Does this brand and it’s mission appeal to you? Sound off below!