Wet n Wild Pump Makeup Locker

Wet n Wild is one of my favorite drugstore brands, so when I saw the new Pump collection, I had to pick up a few of the very affordable items!

The brand has launched 37 items in this “ath-beauty line,” as its calling Pump, and one of the first I tried was the Makeup Locker – a three-in-one product that comes with a BB Cream, peach concealer and highlighter.

Billed as a great multitasker for your gym bag, the Makeup Locker is a screw-top BB Cream that opens to a wide mouth bottle of creamy-looking product. The lid has a wand with a flat paddle on it so that you can scoop out the product.

On top of the lid is a flip cap, and there are half-pans of highlighter and concealer. On top of the entire lid is a bright pink ribbon that you could loop somewhere in your gym bag for convenience/space saving.

Just because it’s labeled for your gym bag doesn’t mean it’s destined for primping after pressing or pumping! I utilized this bad boy during my work day, to give it a test run and see how it holds up.

The formula promises a sheer-to-light coverage, so my expectations were not high that it would conceal my facial redness, but I was OK with that.

The first time I used it, I used the concealer, which visibly looked darker than the Fair Light shade I picked in the BB Cream. At the time I bought it, I couldn’t find info on the collection and didn’t realize it’s meant for correcting dark spots like undereye circles – I thought it was just too dark of a concealer shade for me. What a “duh!” moment I had. However, my circles aren’t that dark and this peach corrector does more discoloration on my skin that it cancels out, so it’s a pass for me and my skin.

The second time I used it, I took good pics of application. I like demonstrating the coverage of a foundation product by covering half my face first:

Here’s how it looks after covering the rest of my face:

You can see that while some redness peeks through, it has evened my skin tone in a way that the redness is nice color in my cheeks. I feel very natural-looking in this BB Cream.

Knowing the concealer is a bust for me, I tried using the highlighter. I put it on my cheeks and … nothing happened. I didn’t see any glow and only achieved to smear the BB Cream a bit where I tried to apply it – I tried both patting and lightly rubbing it on. I did manage to get a light highlight on my cupid’s bow. You can see it a bit in the full-face of BB Cream photo above.

The formula felt a bit wet/damp on my face, so I set it with my Milani Prep + Set + Glow Translucent Illuminating Powder, added some blush, powder highlighter, mascara and a lippie and off I went!

Here’s the finished look:

I applied the BB Cream at 6:30 a.m. Six hours later, my face had a nice overall glow to it, but my nose area was a bit more slick-looking than I care for from my foundation.

At 6:30 p.m., I went to the bathroom to take it off and I took this quick pic:

Now, if you wear anything for that many hours, it’s going to look rough. But I was impressed by the wear of this BB Cream over 12 hours – my chin is really where it broke down for me the most.

The Makeup Locker retails for $8.99 and I found it in a display at CVS. You can buy it on Wet n Wild’s website, too. It comes in six shades and is vegan, cruelty, gluten and fragrance free.

So, would I buy it again? To be honest, I don’t think so. The only product I liked was the BB Cream, and I have about 10 other face products, including my Holy Grail Purlisse BB Cream. I tried this product because I was intrigued, but I still think I favor the Pixi Beauty H2O SkinTint Tinted Face Gel in Cream for my very light coverage days.

I’ll save this BB Cream for days when I want little to no makeup, since I ran out of my Pixi SkinTint a couple months ago and haven’t cracked open the back-up yet.

Since the Makeup Locker BB cream makes my skin glow, and nose area greasy (and it’s technically winter here in Central Florida) I’d hate to see what it will do to my skin in summer here.

All that to daub- the pictures show the proof – it does a nice job of providing light coverage and holding up wel under a setting powder! Have you seen the Wet n Wild Makeup Locker in stores? Have you tried it?