KBShimmer Gaia for January PPU

Disclaimer: PR Sample; see bottom

Good morning all!

So, I usually get my Polish Pickup posts up earlier than just a couple days before the big monthly weekend but holy moly, it’s been a crazy month. I swatched KBShimmer Gaia right away when she arrived at BeautyJudy HQs (she’s blue and gorgeous, duh!) but hadn’t had time to prep the post before we drove from Florida to New Jersey for the holidays.

FINALLY, last night was my night for blogging! I had three posts to write, pics already edited, uploaded and ready to go! We got back to my in-laws (where we’re staying) around dinner time, after visiting with my dad all afternoon, and my toddler went nuts. She ran around the house. She didn’t listen to any of us telling her to stop. So I went to go after her and grab her as she turned the corner into the kitchen. I slipped on the floor and took a header right into the corner of the wall, and landed on a wooden/wicker decoration.

I popped a lens out of my glasses, bruised and cut my left elbow, bruised my left knee, bruised my eye at my right eyebrow, thought I broke my hand (but it was labeled a contusion last night at urgent care) and I could barely use it. The icing on the cake and what sent me into shock after the accident was that when I landed on my face, my teeth cut a hole in my lower lip, and I have cuts on my lower lip on the outside. I was bleeding and in so much pain! Today my right upper arm and my right side of my back are incredibly sore, too; I look horrible and my lip is even more swollen but I AM THANKFUL. I didn’t bust a tooth. I didn’t break anything. And I didn’t break anything I slammed into. The urgent care doctor was very nice. He offered a stitch on the inside of my lip but said it wasn’t necessary, he just clipped a piece of protruding fat from the wound (he called it free “lip”-osuction hahaha) and this morning it’s already closed over.

I’ll spare you the pictures!

Not sure if my toddler learned any lessons from the accident but she was scared seeing mommy like that.

So all that to say, my post is a little late today but I was determined! My hand feels a bit better and typing doesn’t hurt too bad!

So let’s jump right into this beauty, then, shall we? If you’ve made it this far, thank you!

This weekend, the Polish Pickup theme is Mythology!

KBShimmer Gaia is described as a vibrant blue jelly base filled with holo glitters and color-shifting unicorn flakes in shades of green, blue, pink and purple.

kbshimmer gaia swatches and review polish pickup

“At the beginning, there was Chaos. He was darkness, a void. Then came Gaia (or Gaea). Some say that Gaia is Mother Earth, the Greek Earth goddess from whom everything is born. From Gaia sprang the starry heavens, the sky, mountains, plains, seas and rivers. And typical of Greek myths, lots of drama.
This January, the KBShimmer PPU polish, Gaia, is inspired by the bright color depictions of Gaia,” said KBShimmer owner Christy Rose in her description of the polish!

kbshimmer gaia

Christy says that while the flakes are “shy in photos, they come alive in person.” That’s true, and I took pics in good and bad lighting to show how they jump out! KBShimmer suggests this shade is best in two to three coats, or over a complimentary creme shade like KBShimmer Low & Be Bold. I used two coats by itself.

You can see the flakes really pop in my crappy living room light, holding the remote, lol! But I just wanted to show you the range of the polish!

When open, shop the PPU website here. Remember – you can only purchase this over the first weekend of January! (Jan. 4-7). If you don’t know – PPU is a monthly sale of indie nail polish that makers create with a community-generated theme. So the polishes for sale are limited edition and special!

Don’t forget to keep up with the selling platform and KBShimmer – the Polish Pickup Facebook page is here, and KBShimmer here! Gaia will retail for $10.00 each.

What do you think of Gaia?! Have you created your PPU wish list yet?!

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