What a “Bright” Idea!

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I love doing my nails in my living room. Whether I’m simply polishing, putting on nail polish strips or attempting nail art – my favorite spot is on my couch, watching one of my favorite TV shows.

The only problem I have doing my nails this way is the lighting in the room. It’s not bright enough in our living room, and I’ve been wanting a solution. Enter Brightech.

Brightech offers lighting solutions for the home that range from floor and desk lamps to string lights and magnifying lamps. I’m going to focus on the latter.

The lamp I tried is the LightView XL 2 in 1 Magnifier Lamp, which goes from floor standing to table lamp. Not only does it solve my lighting problem, but it also allows me to better focus on my nails, because it has 2.25x magnification. My eyes aren’t what they used to be – I found out earlier this year after having to visit a corneal specialist that my sight had worsened a great deal since my last eye visit, and I have damage to my eyes that is mostly irreversible. I can no longer wear contacts, but unfortunately, I’m also not a candidate for laser eye surgery. So, glasses it is. The magnification is amazing for me, because it takes some pressure off of my peepers!

The lamp deets

I love that this lamp can go from floor to desk – or in my case, tray table – in just a couple minutes. The base of the lamp is weighted and sturdy, and the arm of the lamp is totally adjustable, allowing me to lower the head where ever I happen to be working – which is almost always my couch. The adjustments do not require any screws or deconstruction of the lamp, it’s just a flexible arm.

Here it is floor-based:

brightech magnifying lamp

And here it is desk-based!

There is an extra rod that screws into the base to elongate the structure and take it from table to floor. It’s super easy to transition the lamp.

The lamp part has a wide, oval-shaped magnifying glass surrounded by LED lights – 60 miniature – that mimic daylight. There’s a cover on top of the lamp, so you can keep dust off the magnifier when you’re not using it, and just use it as a light.

The light is supposed to last up to 100,000 hours, and its 5-diopter glass produces brightness without generating heat. The lamp’s 900 lumens equal a 65W incandescent bulb, according to the brand website.

You can see what a great addition it is in my dimly-lit living room in how my photos have a yellow cast to them with the beacon of white light coming from the lamp!

Check out this magnification!

The performance deets

The lighting itself just brings a daylight quality to the area in which I work. The LED lights deliver – now if only they could fold the blankets on the couch further to my right in this photo, lol!!!

Whether this lamp was on the floor or the table really didn’t matter in terms of performance for me, however, I prefer it on the floor because I use a TV tray table, and while the lamp sat just fine on the table, it took up more than 1/4 of the table space, where I usually have my basket of nail implements and products like top coat and base coat, and where I spread out my clean-up tools, all the nail products I’ll be using, etc.

Here’s my perfect set-up with it:

For anyone who might consider, “hey, maybe I could use this for macro photography!” I don’t think it’s an appropriate use; there’s a green hue from the glass that comes through in photos. I haven’t tried taking photos with my really good camera, as I’ve been living off of my iPhone camera more often than not. But I feel a lens on your camera would be a better bet. Here’s what I mean (although note, the polish shown does have a green shift to it):

I really enjoyed using this lamp. It helps me get my most perfect nail polish strip manis ever, and is fantastic for minimalizing clean-up when I paint!

This mani is Color Street Turkey Trot with a ring finger accent of Thank Heaven for Stylists.

I took that mani shot with just the light – I love it! As a blogger, I’ll be able to swatch and take photos with this lamp, too! Speaking of which, this mani is Zoya Juniper PixieDust topped with Leopard Spots Topper (more of these coming soon, they are part of the Zoya Jubilee collection!).

Side note – am I the only one who loves to get cozy and snuggle under a blanket to do my nails? It’s part of how I unwind – doing my nails is very stress-relieving for me!

Where can you find it?! Are there others like it?!

This is not the only magnifying lamp available. There are smaller and larger lamps – You can find the lamp on the Brightech website here. This particular lamp retails for $99.99, but I’ve seen it reduced in price due to various sales since I began working with Brightech earlier this month.

What do you think about a magnifying lamp for your nail routine, or any other beauty routine? This lamp can certainly come in handy for many other things, like crafting and planning – oh, how I love to sit and decorate my Erin Condren planner!

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

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