The Makeup Show Orlando Show Floor Round Up!

The Makeup Show Orlando

In May, I covered The Makeup Show NYC. Over September 15 & 16, I got to cover it in  Orlando!

Wait, September…? I know, I know. It’s November, and I’m JUST getting this show round-up published now. I feel badly at being so behind but I have never moved 1,000 miles away from home and I seriously underestimated how much time I would have to dedicate to blogging. Which was hardly any time!

Today, we are in our rental home. We are unpacked (mostly!) and we are settling in really well. But things are still a bit crazy, as my husband is still looking for work and I’ve been turning in early a lot lately – my days are full between work and family, and I get up earlier to start my day now, too.

I felt I had to offer an explanation, since I usually try to turn around my big show round-up posts in two weeks or less – even though most of you probably wouldn’t even  realize that this was “late”!

Bottom line: All these weeks later, I still can feel the excitement I felt the weekend of the show, and I am excited to share this with you!

The Makeup Show is Tailored to its Geography

Having attended two in one year, I can  tell you that both shows were very different. By design! Both were educational with great shopping…but you could feel the difference as the market needs for the community of The Makeup Show are different within each geography the show takes place!

The Makeup Show Orlando struck me as intimate, because show creators curated an agenda geared towards the Florida artistry market, compared with the fashion and editorial market of New York. James Vincent, the director for of education and artistry of the show, said that the Orlando area is one of the best in the world for special effects makeup (hello, theme parks!).

Personally, I loved how many small, Black- and Latinx-owned brands I encountered in Orlando, many offering unique or innovative products. While there were some familiar larger brands and companies represented, like Make Up For Ever and Frends Beauty, I spent my time learning about the smaller brands that are cult favs, brand new or under the radar.

Because my roundups tend to be large and long, and I spoke to so many brands and sat in so many sessions, I’m going to save some content for additional posts, but I hope you enjoy the insights in this overview!


I attended a handful of educational seminars and keynote presentations throughout the show, and I’ve got a couple snapshots to share here. I am hoping to share later a full post on a makeup look that Smashbox’s Lori Taylor-Davis created during a seminar titled, “Smashbox Studio Secrets.”

the makeup show orlando

As I wandered the show floor early the first day, I happened across one of the seminars, “Flawless in Bold Colors,” with Aga Kaskiewicz for Blot Beauty Cosmetics. Aga was creating a beautiful, bold makeup look on her model.

“I love my makeup to be dimensional,” she told the crowd. “I like everything to be diffused.”

Me too. Makeup looks so intricate when it looks dimensional and diffused!

Danessa Myricks – a makeup artist, photographer and entrepreneur – led a keynote presentation on “Makeup for Photography,” and this was one of my favorite takeaways: Our instinct is to use a lighter shade of concealer under the eyes, but we should correct and set close to natural skin tone, and create shape through natural contours.


The artistry is always beautiful and creative. Check out this creature out in front of the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry booth!

And this Disney Zombie:

I *think* this was done by Graftobian. How amazing is that special FX work?!

I have no information on this one, but I thought it was cool to see it in progress.


I’m going to have to highlight some individual brands more in-depth in separate posts, because there were so many I discovered at the show.


nuest cosmetics the makeup show orlando

The whole concept behind Nuest Cosmetics is that makeup is supposed to be FUN.

“I want everyday to be like a birthday,” said brand owner, Christina Tsai. “Life is too short!”

That’s evident in the packaging of Nuest’s products. The line is full of colorful, Kawaii-based products that are practical as much as they are fun.

Shown above is the Chic2Cheek Dual Cushion Compact. There’s a cushion foundation accompanied by either a lip/cheek duo, a primer, or trio of concealers. The foundation shades are limited – I believe there are only two shades. But I picked up the lip/cheek compact and was surprised that the lighter shade of foundation worked for me; spoiler alert: I love this compact.

When I first learned of Nuest earlier this year, it was about their Jelly Highlighters. These five beauties are a jelly consistency, going on smooth with great pigmentation. More to come here on le blog.

Speaking of living everyday like it’s your birthday, check out those faux gem-like brushes!

Breakups to Makeup

Breakups to Makeup

One of my favorite stops at every trade show I see Angelique is Breakups to Makeup.

Angelique is celebrating FIVE years of her clever accessory business! Her makeup bags, shirts and other goodies adorned with fun (TRUE) sayings about makeup are a hit at every show.

At TMS Orlando, she shared the LOLA collection in celebration of her anniversary, and I have more to share about this collection. Stay tuned, it’s a personal story about friendship, career and confidence/sass as told through makeup bags…


Puckerd was founded by Silvia K. Russell, who has 25 years in the biz as a hair dresser and makeup artist. Puckerd is about empowering women; and let me tell you, when I put on one of Puckerd’s metallic liquid lipsticks, I FEEL empowered!

Take a closer look at her glosses and matte liquid lipsticks:

Now, you know I had to have this once I swatched it, right?! One swipe, totally pigmented! All seven of Puckerds Mattetastic Metals are pigmented and gorgeous like this. These metal mattes were featured in a top five fav post of mine for fall recently!

Pinkie Swear

Speaking of lippies, I stopped by the Pinkie Swear booth! Pinkie Swear makes “Clip Paint” click-applicator lippies that are pigmented and long-lasting, “Clip Gloss” that is iridescent gloss to wear alone or over the Paints, and”Party Powder” loose highlighter.

Above you can see three lippie swatches on the bottom row (middle pic above) – left is a Clip Paint and the two on the right are the two Clip Glosses! Clip Paint is supposed to last six to eight hours while staying creamy and moisturizing. The gloss is not sticky.

Now, these Party Powders…I could’ve gone nuts buying all the Party Powder, but I restrained myself and bought one.

Party  Powder can be used for a multitude of things, from highlighter and eye shadow to hair and body. You can even mix it with nail polish.


OK. So earlier I said that this show thrilled me because there were such diverse business owners, and such innovative products. Glam.Or.Ring is one of those innovative products, founded by Yolonda Frederick-Thompson, a respected name in the makeup industry!

Glam.Or.Ring is a phone case with nine different pans of makeup and three brushes.

Right now it’s only available for iPhone, and only goes up to the iPhone 8+ (I’m out of luck for now with my X). It comes in light, medium and dark, and in the future, Yolonda said there will be refill pans – the idea is you will be able to create your ideal on-the-go, must-have makeup palette for touch-ups. How great is this for a night out, or traveling?!

It’s also got a wallet on the back of it!

In addition to the makeup, it’s got a lighted front mirror.

All of the pieces are removable and replaceable!

It’s regularly $59.99 but on sale for $39.99.

You can use the different pans of product for different things – like the lipstick as a blush, for example.

How cool is this?! It’s a big add-on to your phone, making it a big larger, but it’s pretty genius.

Formula Z Cosmetics

Formula Z Cosmetics was founded by 16-year-old Zach Dishinger, who was actually 15 when he launched the brand. He has started with one product so far – Forever Lips.

Forever Lips a collection of seven semi-matte liquid lipsticks (cruelty, paraben and gluten free) including a special color, Mission Z. Half the proceeds for this shade go towards The Trevor Project. The whole concept behind the line is that Zach wanted to create a line of makeup for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or age.

What was  I doing at 16? Definitely not working as a CEO and creating such a positive, uplifting brand!

Ruby May

When I first saw the Ruby May Cosmetics booth, the colors of the eye shadows popped out at me!

The brand rep told me “we have a little of everything!” Indeed! I can attest to the high pigmentation of the eye shadows – including the clay-based, very clingy shadows (I LOVE them), the translucent and highlighter powders and last but definitely not least – the waterproof, pressed glitters.

A glitter palette and Summer of Love eye palette:

Highlighting powders:

I snatched up the glitter palette in that first photo – Ocean Goddess. I don’t wear glitter often, but I make a point of doing it on weekends now because … why not?! Life is short!

The glitter stays put on my lid and adds a nice pop!

Rebels and Outlaws

“Setting intention is important,” said James during The Makeup Show Orlando press preview, held the morning of the first day of the show. His own line, Rebels & Outlaws, is all about setting the intention, environment/mood for your work space, and honestly, your life. It’s a collection of candles, cleansers and mists.

As I type this, I am burning the “Phoenix from the Flame” candle.

and I want to share the description from the website:

“The celebration of survival and the strength that comes with rising from the ashes once again. The combination and  conjunction of the deep oxblood candle will banish negativity with it’s black color base, then the red candle to draw in fresh energy with it’s rich shade of red. 

Prepared with chocolate which represents the element of fire and can be used to enhance prosperity and abundance in your life Leather represents letting go. The scent of the fire helps us to leave the past and transform for the future and sandalwood celebrates our sacrifice purification, consecration and ultimately helps us find peace. 

Finished with Hematite, a stone of magicians and exorcists. It enhances mental activity, balances energies and emotions, dissolves negativity and pushed us forward. Carnelian provides courage and confidence and motivates you to move your life forward in a new direction while sodalite sustains you and offers strength.”

I’ve actually been using quite a few of these products for a few months now and I’ve been really thrilled with them. I’m burning Phoenix From the Flame as I try to get back into the regular rhythm of blogging, and start to leave behind the tumultuous and transitional phase of moving from New Jersey to Florida. I’ve experienced so much change, and while all of it is about positive growth and opportunity, it’s also been difficult in ways I never imagined.

So there you have it. I wanted to share this overview – even if it only puts a small dent into the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit I encountered at the show. I actually want to film a video about my favorite products I got at the show, so stay tuned.

If you read this far – THANK YOU!