Random Beauty Bits

I’ve had a lot of random thoughts, random looks not connected to any reviews…and I thought – why not create a hodge-podge post of  random beauty things?! So here we go…no cohesion and all over the place, lol!

Sunlit Yellow

I wore Smashbox Cover Shots: Sunlit Yellow Eye Palette the other day and I couldn’t decide: Is this look more spring/summer or fall?!

Maybe more fall with a more copper or red/rusty eyeliner.

Either way, this palette is gorgeous and it makes me think of sunflowers and cornfields.

Magnetic and Thermal Polishes

I have acquired a handful of magnetic and thermal polishes over the years and to be honest, I can’t remember what’s what anymore.

With the move, I’ve jumbled polishes together I might not have before. In fact, I used a polish from my stash recently and didn’t even realize it was thermal. It was a Femme Fatale, and to the brand’s credit, I bought that polish a WHILE ago, probably longer than a year ago, and it was sharp on the color change.

All this to say: THANK YOU to the brands that label their polishes!

I just got in KBShimmer’s holiday collection and I was happy to see the two magnetic polishes marked on the boxes (that polish above is not one of them, that’s a Polish Pick Up goodie! I’m going to have to take a magnet to some of my indies to see what is and what isn’t and mark the ones that are!

Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsessions

This palette!!! I couldn’t resist the Sapphire Obsessions palette because the blues were gorgeous!!!

I created this quick look with it, but didn’t intend to review it. To be honest, I don’t know why not. The shadows I used blended beautifully! I have a couple of Huda Beauty’s other small palettes and I’ve been happy.

What do you think of this?

How Much Polish Do You Use?

All of my polish was in plastic containers taped tightly, each carefully packed in larger black and yellow bins. So when we lived at the hotel for two months, I didn’t want to undo that knowing we would be moving again soon.

I untaped two shoeboxes that had untried polish in them and took from those bins for my manis, as well as used Jamberry Nail Wraps or Color Street Nail Polish Strips. Instead of putting the polish away in the right bins by color, I just put the polishes I used into a box.

This is how much polish I used – toes and fingers – in two months:

Do you think you would use more or less?!

I could probably keep going but this has been all over the place enough, lol! I will share with you some content I’m working on to publish soon:

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  • KBShimmer Holiday Collection
  • The Makeup Show Orlando show floor roundup
  • Freshh Face skincare routine review
  • Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lipstick review