The Fountain of “Yeouth?”

Disclaimer: PR sample, see bottom.

Happy Halloween all!

I’d love to have some fresh Halloween content, maybe a look or nails, but things have been a bit nutty and I’m totally not prepared for today at all! I bought the girls quick and easy matching Minnie Mouse costumes and if it weren’t for my husband, we’d have no candy to give out!

Anyway! As I jump back into the groove of blogging on a more consistent basis, I knew I had to sit down and dedicate the time to penning this review of Yeouth Anti-Aging Super Serum, with Vitamins C & E, Hyaluronic Acid and Ferulic Acid. It has been a great addition to my nighttime skin care routine!

In addition to the vitamins and acids, there’s also shea butter and Tripeptide 31, which Yeouth says creates the optimal conditions needed to enhance its natural processes, more than just deeply hydrating skin.

The ingredients include (from the brand website):

Purified Water, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Glycerin, Myristoyl Tripeptide-31, Butylene Glycol, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Butylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetyl Octanoate, Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Ferulic Acid, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Sodium Hydroxide, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, DL-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits the ingredients add to your skin, according to the brand:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – plumps and evens out crevices, providing supple and smooth skin
  • Tripeptide-31 – helps reverse age-related skin changes such as wrinkles, roughness and age spots
  • Vitamin C – slows free radicals caused by sun exposure
  • Ferulic Acid – fights free-radical damage that contributes to aging
  • Vitamin E – builds a protective barrier for your skin, helping skin retain moisture
  • Shea Butter – Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and natural vitamins.

To be honest, when I accepted this product to try, I was parts excited and parts skeptical. I’m overweight, so the fat in my face keeps my lines full and I haven’t been thinking about anti-aging products. I have always been told I look young for my age, and I don’t mean that in a boastful way; it’s just that I look young and I have no idea what to thank for it and I know that it will catch up with me eventually!

Yeouth skin care anti-aging serum

Within a couple days of using this serum at night, after washing my face, my facial skin felt so soft. Although Yeouth says to follow this serum with a moisturizer if you want, I don’t need one. This serum is a balm for my overnight skin giving me hydration.

While I didn’t have many lines for it to help, Yeouth’s anti-aging serum definitely helped improve the texture of my skin and I noticed some visible differences in how it felt to the touch. I have rosacea and eczema, and this serum has been beneficial for my sensitive skin. In the above photo collage, you can see some difference in the lines of my skin – below my eye, below actually the under eye area. Can you see it?

I am very self-conscious of posting these photos, to be honest. My skin is very much in need of declogging, probably more so now than when I originally took both those photos – it looks terrible close up. I want to look into some kind of treatment that can help unclog my pores and hopefully shrink them.

Yeouth skin care anti-aging serum

I have week one and week six close-ups of one area of my eye, but honestly, I don’t see much of a difference the closer and harder I look at that collage. The biggest difference I see is not in coloration or lines, but in TOUCH. My skin is softer with use of this product regularly!

This is a skincare product I would replenish in my skincare toolbox, especially because right now it’s listed as $29.95 on the Yeouth website (direct link to product in first paragraph at the top of this post). Originally, this is a $79.95 serum. I would pay the sale price, but not likely the higher price. Just because I’m pretty cheap – not because I don’t believe in the product.

I still have some left because once the moving process commenced, I stopped religiously using the serum. I need to pick it back up! I also enjoy the light scent that it has; I can almost smell something like a clove or anise scent. It’s very warm and gentle and doesn’t last. I don’t believe it would be a deterrent to those who are scent-averse.

Do you use an anti-aging serum as part of your nighttime routine?

Disclaimer: I received the product in this post for consideration from the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!