Zoya Sunshine Nail Polish Collection for Summer 2018

Disclaimer: PR samples, see bottom

Zoya sunshine collection summer 2018

HOW is it already June?

Zoya released the Sunshine summer collection recently, and now that warmer weather has settled into the norm in South Jersey, I am here for bright, colorful nails as much as I am ice cream and BBQs!!!!

So I’ll just get right down to the swatches. I will say this – at first glance I just see a lot of pink/red and coral variations with a pop of neutral and lavender. But what makes this collection for me are the two “Unicorn Kisses” topper shades.


Zoya Saldana

Saldana is, according to Zoya, a “buildable, cotton-candy blue holographic topper with hints of pink and blue colored glitter.”

Saldana has a magenta shift and is a great complement to the pink/lavender shades in the collection. You could wear this alone, but I prefer using it over other colors. I’ve shown it here in two coats.


Zoya Nahla

Nahla is described by Zoya “a buildable, golden glitter.”

I like Nahla, which has flashes of lavender glitter, too. It’s a bit of an iridescent-like flash I see. It’s not as apparent in my swatch, but I can see it strong when I look at the bottle. I used two coats to show Nahla here.


Zoya DeliA

Delia is described by Zoya as a “full coverage muted amethyst creme.” This purple is gorgeous and this is one of my favorites of this collection. Shown here in two coats, it applied well!


Zoya Missy swatches

Missy is described by Zoya as “the perfect summer pink in a full coverage creme formula.”  It looks like a bubble gum pink to me, which I love. I like lighter pinks that pop on my nail vs. more muted shades of pink.

Shown here in two coats!


Zoya Sandy with Saldana accent swatch

Sandy is described as a “full coverage blue-toned flamingo pink creme” by Zoya. I think of actual flamingos having more of a brighter, orangey pink hue than this shade. I had to spice this one up with Saldana, so she’s shown with an accent demonstrating how the Unicorn Kisses look! I used two coats of each.


Zoya Ellie swatch

Ellie is described as a “full coverage raspberry sorbet creme,” which seems accurate! This is a color I will reach for to paint my toes. Shown here in two coats!


Zoya Karen swatches

Karen is described as “a full coverage poppy red creme.” It’s a great summer red. Seems perfect for a night out at an outdoor concert or for us, a show at an Atlantic City casino. Shown here in two coats.


Marigold is described as “a bright and dazzling micro-shimmer red in a full coverage formula.” I wore this one, with a Nahla “Unicorn Kisses” accent, as soon as I got the collection. There’s something about this shimmer that screams summer to me. And fiery orange-reds always seem warm-weather appropriate! Both shown in two coats with KBShimmer Clearly on Top Quick Dry Top Coat.


Zoya Virginia swatches

Virginia is described as “a full coverage, juicy coral red creme.” This is again a gorgeous summer red, playing into that fiery shade that reminds me of sunsets and fire pits! Shown here in two coats.


Zoya Minnie swatches

Minnie is described as “a full coverage pink-toned coral creme.” This is what I would call work appropriate summer coral! It’s  bright but not too obnoxious for the conservative office. Shown here in two coats, this one is one of my favs from the collection.


Zoya Clementine swatches

Clementine is “a full coverage salmon-toned coral with a pink and orange micro-shimmer.”  This is like Minnie’s sister, a shimmer to her creme sheen. This is another work appropriate hue in my book. Shown here in two coats!


Zoya Jack swatches

Jack is described as “a full coverage nude creme, perfect to match your morning latte.” This shade brings out the ruddiness in my skin (lobster hands!) but I’m a big fan of nudes that I shouldn’t wear, lol! Shown here in two coats, this is another of my favs!

Overall, this collection swatches and wears great. I have no complaints except it felt overloaded with pinks and red colors but I’m sure these are colors that do well with those who want summer staples. And that’s fine! The addition of the Unicorn Kisses toppers are a great way for people like me, who like all the originality and out-of-the-ordinary colors, to spice up my mani!

The Sunshine collection is available on Zoya’s website for $10 a piece.

What do you think of this collection?! What are you craving for your nails this summer?

Disclaimer: I received the Sunshine collection for consideration from the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!