Branding and Business on Instagram with Jordan Liberty

Jordan Liberty The Makeup Show NYC 2018

Jordan Liberty is from a small Ohio town, and grew up with a background in art. He always knew he’d pursue a career in the arts, but what he didn’t expect was he’d use the face as his canvas.

Jordan is not just a talented makeup artist, he’s a photographer, creative director and more. He is an entrepreneur and an educator. He can go to a shoot, and do all of it, and do it all well, earning him respect across the industry and no shortage of work!

If you follow him on Instagram – and you should click his name above and follow him if you’re not already – you’ll see gorgeous photos (mostly his own) of models sporting gorgeous makeup looks – his creations – for brands, and photo shoots. It’s gorgeous and inspiring!

I met Jordan five years ago at IMATS NYC, at the booth for his former Liberty Republic line and Give Good Face. Check out my post here.

It was one of my skinnier years, sigh. Anyway.

Jordan made such an impression on me! I was eager to attend his keynote at The Makeup Show NYC on May 6 titled, “Image and Influence.”

Jordan talked about his career, his successes and his failures (ask him about the book he was going to do) and he gave out great nuggets of advice through his experience that I thought I’d share today, focusing on his advice around utilizing Instagram to market yourself and book work.

I choose to focus on his nuggets about Instagram because even if you the reader are not a makeup artist, Jordan knows this social media tool so well, and nails it. His advice is applicable to so much more than makeup artistry!

I always find The Makeup Show and its keynotes inspiring – the artists are down-to-earth professionals who have hustled and put in hard work to get where they are and then they give back to other ambitious artists by guiding them on how to find their own success.

On Instagram

Jordan Liberty The Makeup Show NYC 2018

Jordan started a YouTube channel (Give Good Face) several years ago to showcase his work. He said a lot of people told him not to do it.

“I can use this as a real, legitimate professional tool,” he said. So he did it anyway to set himself apart. “Every makeup artist is a snowflake,” he said. “[But] no one’s going to give a shit in a blizzard.”

(That’s my new favorite phrase, by the way, and I need to find a reason to use it…)

Savvy to the changing social media realm and how it can best suit his image, Jordan moved away from YouTube and he focuses on Instagram, incorporating video into that medium.

He offered great advice for using Instagram as a business and marketing tool. His career is international because of social media, he said. Here is the advice sprinkled throughout his keynote, some that came from his responses to questions asked by artists in the audience:

  • People don’t read. Your first six images should say who you are/what you’re about
  • Use a small number of hashtags
  • Instagram is all about a clean, curated content
  • Be aware of your audience. Jordan said he doesn’t put up his fashion looks because he doesn’t get the same engagement on those photos; “be aware of what your audience likes,” he said
  • If you’re using your Instagram for business/marketing, keep the behind the scenes to Instastories
  • Don’t post multiple times a day; the Instagram algorithm is in your favor when you post less with clean, minimally-hashtaged photos
  • Post consistently. If you’re going to post twice a week, post twice a week. If you have a lull in your jobs, make sure you have content to post from prior work
  • Whatever you want to be doing in five years, post that now. If you want to do bridal makeup in five years, post bridal makeup looks now
  • It’s important to have a website but your social media accounts can speak volumes about your work and what kind of artist you are
  • Control your image; if you want to book bridal makeup jobs, post bridal makeup.

What do you think of Jordan’s advice? How would you apply it to your industry? I have already cut back on my hashtags!