Glow Stix – Jesse’s Girl Revamps Line, Adds New Shades!

Disclosure: PR, see bottom.

Jesse’s Girl expanded its Glow Stix line, with new flat, sleek tube packaging touting more than twice the previous amount of product as the original Glow Stix (I last wrote about Glow Stix in February 2017 here, check it out)!

The Glow Stix are gorgeous to look at! They definitely glow with a gorgeous smoky/pearly iridescence. There are now eight shades, with two of the original three shades still in the lineup (Red Dawn and Wicked).

Check out a closer look at the tubes!

Jesse's Girl Glow Stix

Here are arm swatches of the Glow Stix:

I wanted to demonstrate these lip glosses over a lipstick shade – I stuck with the same shade of lipstick, from Jesse’s Girl’s newly revamped lipstick line, Angeles. Here’s Angeles on her own, as a comparison to when I add the lip glosses over it:

Jesse’s Girl Lipstick in Angeles swatches on beautyjudy

Here we go!


Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix Titania

Titania is described by the brand as a “warm tone fire-coral color finish with accents of yellow and orange.” This is complimentary to Angeles.

To me, Titania is that “fire coral” base that shifts green, yellow, orange.


Jesse’s girl glow stix Pandora

Pandora is described by the brand as “crushed crystals in warm gold with lime green and electric yellow finish.”

To me, Pandora is a green/yellow/golden base that shifts purple/lavender with golden shimmer. On the lips, over Angeles, Pandora pulls a yellow green.


Jesse’s girl glow stix Aurora

Aurora is described by the brand as an “electric teal with a holographic glow of purples, indigo and greens.”.

To me, Aurora is a indeed an electric teal that has a glow of blues and greens and purples. This Glow Stix shows up iridescent lime over Angeles.


Jesse’s girl glow stix nova

Nova is described by the brand as “cotton candy pink with a purple/blue finish.” This is the deepest in color among the eight Glow Stix.

To me, Nova is a purple base that shifts a beautiful blue, green, pink…it is the most pleasing Glow Stix to look at, for me! The purple pearly shimmer over Angeles is my fav of all of them!


Jesse’s girl glow stix cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is described by the brand as an “amazing combo of orange and green with more intensity on the holographic effect.”

To me, Cassiopeia is a brilliant green and blue with shifts of yellow/orange. I don’t see a holographic effect, and generally my eye most strongly catches the blue and green. The yellow and subtley the green pop up over Angeles.


Jesse’s girl glow stix astrid

Astrid is described by the brand as “crushed golden crystals with a glowing creamsicle finish. Oranges and yellows combine for the perfect subtle finish.”

To me, Astrid is definitely dreamsicle-like, with a predominantly orange base with green and yellow shift. The “crushed crystals” or shimmer does not make the lip gloss gritty and adds some sparkle to it. The orange shines through here along with the gold sparkle.

Red Dawn

Jesse’s girl glow stix red dawn

Red Dawn is described by the brand as a “stunning iridescent, holographic orange with red shift.”

To me,  Red Dawn is pink, green and orange. Iridescent, but not holographic. Red Dawn is very complimentary to Angeles as well, and the red/orange pulls over the base shade.


Jesse’s girl glow stix wicked

Wicked is described by the brand as an “amazing luminous, holographic green with blue shift.”

To me, Wicked is predominantly green with blue and yellow shift to it. Less holographic, more iridescent and glowy. This one also pulls yellow-green over Angeles.

Overall, I like that these glosses are not tacky. They slide on. They don’t last more than a couple hours on me without touch-up, which is fine.

The Glow Stix are now $9.95 a piece – previously they were $4.99.

And I have to be honest…I would not pay $9.95 for these glosses. I love, love, LOVE my Jesse’s Girl products, but I am not sold on these glosses.

While there’s an increased amount of gloss, and the packaging is much better than previously, I do not get a crazy amount of shift on my lips that lasts long. It’s subtle. I used Angeles for my demonstration of the shifts, and your base color will dictate the strongest shift from the gloss you use. But I find I have to pile product on and not blend the gloss across my lips too much or it just looks like any other clear gloss. You can see the stroke lines of where I apply the gloss, although I try to blot the lines of my lips with my finger to help blur those “brush strokes.” I have used other “holographic” glosses like this and had a similar experience so maybe I am just expecting too strong of an effect and I shouldn’t.

I think $6.99 at most would be understandable increased price considering packaging and increased amount of product. I don’t know how much the pigment for these costs, or the cost of the other ingredients, and perhaps that might justify the price increase for the brand.

The effect of the Glow Stix will be different depending on what lip color base you use. It may be stronger over darker lippies than Angeles. And they are fun lip glosses to use alone if you want a subtle glow.

Have you tried any of the new Glow Stix? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Disclaimer: I received the products in this post for consideration from the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!