#TreatYoSelf 2018 – A Recent Haul!

Friday before I had my baby, I went into Target for a taco kit, and Ulta to see if they had the Too Faced Life’s a Festival eye palette.

Yeah…I went home with a LOT more than those two things!

But seriously who ever goes into Target for one thing and leaves with just that ONE thing?! I walked around so much I had to sit down by the time I reached the shoe aisles.


I never really “haul” anything, except at trade shows.  I usually get one or two things I’ve been eyeing or that I need. But there’s definitely an excitement about doing a haul, about adding things to your bag you would normally restrain yourself from buying.

I have no regrets! And I decided to share with you what I picked up!


At Target I focused on two brands: Profusion Beauty and Pixi.

I got an email from Profusion’s PR, learning that the brand was landing at Target. Since I was about to have my baby I didn’t want to commit to cosmetic samples and reviews, so when I saw the display at my local Target, I decided to pick up a couple things on my own to test out, because my interest was piqued!

The packaging of the products varies; the Strobe & Glow palette I picked up has a nice, heavy weighted plastic/acrylic case. The blush palette is plastic and cardboard-like material on the outside and a plastic pane in the middle of the front. Not really impressive but the brand is a more affordable, lower price point and I reserve my judgement for any makeup product until I’ve had an opportunity to use what’s inside!

There was a highlighting kit that I wanted but the only one they had in stock had been played with extensively by another customer.

I’ve worked with Pixi by Petra for years, but couldn’t wait to see if I would receive samples of any of their new makeup launches for spring. I had to try them! Things were pretty picked over, not surprisingly, but I was able to get a couple things I had eyed!

I picked up one of their new collaboration pieces with Dulce Candy, a multi-use face palette called Sweet Glow. I used the entire middle row in a look recently, and loved not only the color deposited but the glow.

I also picked up the two Glow-y Goassamer Duos in Delicate Dew and Subtle Sunrise. Have I ever mentioned how much I love highlighters? I love highlighters. And I love Pixi.


I looked in the Ulta app and saw that a local Ulta I hadn’t been to yet had the Too Faced Life’s a Festival palette in stock. It’s not far from the Target I was at, so I hit it up.

When I walked in I was blown away. This Ulta just opened in November, and the displays were nice. The store is huge. There were brands on display I’d never seen in an Ulta (although I understand Ulta is in the process of updating their brands in-store, anyway). I picked up the palette as soon as I walked in (it was on a special display), and sprung for a bottle of the Festival Refresh Spray, and a Mystical Effects Lipstick in Angel Tears, too. Then I walked almost every inch of the store and did more damage.

I also picked up:

That Laura Geller lipstick swatched so beautifully and is this gorgeous plum and blue duochrome metallic lipstick. I could not resist it.

I’ve been eyeing the NYX Born to Glow! highlighter in Stand Your Ground for a while, but couldn’t find it in stock. I found one left at this Ulta and snatched it up.

I Dew Care Mini Meow Trio was a total spontaneous purchase. I admit, I like how the masks look iridescent and fun. But I genuinely wanted to try all three and as I debated which one I wanted to take home, I spotted the sample set and it was a quick win.

The Colorista 1-day Color spray is something I’d been wanting to pick up for a while, as well, as I already have a purple one. I love the flexibility of using the sprays to have color on my hair when I want to but not everyday.

The Morphe 3502 palette has been calling my name for a while what with its bold reds and oranges, browns and neutrals in a variety of finishes. I couldn’t resist the call any longer.

Finally, I spotted the Caption nail polish remover and noticed it’s a thicker “concentrated cream,” and I was intrigued. I’ll definitely need to give this a go on glitter.

I had been saving a bit of Christmas money, so while this was a haul, and way more than I ever usually spend, the gift money I used brought the total down to a more typical “Ulta cost” for me.

I haven’t had a chance to try everything yet, but what I have tried, I love! No regrets. I was in a position to splurge because I’d had Christmas money left, and I’m glad I did it!

Have you hauled recently? Do you do this often or once in a blue moon like me?!