Love Beauty & Planet – Dry Shampoos

Disclaimer: PR sample, see below.

love beauty & planet dry shampoos review beautyjudy

With my working mom lifestyle (and my very current, mother of a newborn, maternity leave lifestyle!), one of the hair care products I can’t live without is dry shampoo.

I’ve used a bunch of different brands at all different price ranges. I’ve used white powders and aerosol sprays. Basically, I’ve been around the dry shampoo block a time or two!

I recently had the opportunity to try two new dry shampoos from newcomer hair and body care brand, Love Beauty & Planet:

Both come in a regular (4.3 oz) and Citrus Peel comes also in a travel size (1.15 oz).

The Citrus Peel Uplifting Dry Shampoo is meant for that second-day water-free, purifying cleanse that adds a bit of life back to your hair.

love beauty & planet dry shampoos review beautyjudy

Juicy Grapefruit Day 2 Dry Shampoo offers a similar effect, eliminating oil from your hair and adding  bit of bounce back to your mane.

love beauty & planet dry shampoos review beautyjudy

While not overly fanatical about citrus scents, I find these both to be pleasant! I’ve used other dry shampoos with citrus scents – especially lemon – and it smells clean.

I don’t mind catching whiffs of the product during the day, or how it smells when I use it in the morning.

I lift my hair where I know oily parts may be seen, spray the products at the roots, then massage into my hair and go onto the next patch. I don’t need to do my entire head, and my hair is relatively short, not long. If needed I brush my hair out before wetting a bit to add a little sea salt spray to rejuvenate my waves.

I have a before-and-after using Citrus Peel, where you really can see that the dry shampoo eliminated oils in my hair where I’m most concerned about them (including the sides, front, top and top-back of my head):

love beauty & planet dry shampoos review beautyjudy love beauty & planet dry shampoos review beautyjudy

In my earlier review of the Creamy Body Scrub, I gave you a little background on Love Beauty & Planet, a Unilever brand; check it out here!

You can buy Love Beauty & Planet at a bunch of popular spots. I have bought mine at Target, spotted it at Walmart, and an Instagram follower mentioned she saw it at Walgreens. A Google search for the dry shampoo even says you can find it at Ulta. Of course, how much you pay is going to depend on where you buy it.

The 4.3 oz can be found for $8.49 (at Walgreens) while the travel size of Citrus Peel doesn’t seem to be available yet.

I would definitely purchase either of these dry shampoos! I noticed at the time I searched for it, Walgreens had a buy 2 for $15 sale on these dry shampoos, which makes it even better.

Have you tried anything from Love Beauty & Planet yet? What’s your ride or die dry shampoo?!

Disclaimer: I received the dry shampoos for consideration from the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!