My Fitness Goals for 2018: Get Back Into It, Girl!

As I write this, I just polished off some Girl Scout Lemonade cookies dipped in hot decaf tea. Am I proud? No. I’m less than 4 weeks from having my baby, I’m stressed out, and overall health and fitness haven’t been a priority for me in a while.

But 2018, you haven’t seen the best of me yet.

I have goals. When I have this baby, I’ll be putting my childbearing years behind me; That means I need to work on having my “happily ever after” with my body.

I’m calling the first quarter of the year a loss when it comes to fitness. I haven’t been active, and I’m going to straight shoot – it’s not going to happen until after I have the baby because I can barely walk without pain right now – this baby is like a basketball, hanging out low…jutting out…the back pain is real! Fitness was not a part of my lifestyle before I got pregnant this time, and I have no excuses. I’m just looking forward. Because you can’t get anywhere by dwelling on the coulda-shoulda-woulda’s.

So let me hold myself accountable and share with you how I’ve focused my goals for the final nine months of the year!

April and May 2018 Fitness Goals: Walk it Out, Girl!

I’m having a scheduled c-section, which means I’ll need some time to recover from major abdominal surgery while simultaneously caring for an infant around the clock and getting very little sleep.

But when I’m awake, and home alone with her, I’m going to get bored. As I recover and gain strength, my goal is to walk. I have no excuse.

Goal here is to make the commitment to get out and DO IT, not to put parameters around it. So whether I’m walking around the mall for something to do with my baby, or I take a quick jaunt around the block, my intent is to be active. Move. Set the base.

With my last pregnancy, I made the mistake of pushing myself into fitness goals that were unrealistic for my body; after my 6-week checkup post c-section, I tried to run. I ended up in tears, because it hurt and I wasn’t ready. The trial of trying to push myself to run when my body wasn’t ready set me up for failure. This time, I’m playing it SMART.

In addition to fitness goals, I have a huge wellness goal: Establish a healthy eating regimen, cooking meals. I’m going to be on maternity leave for a while, and I’m hoping to get an InstaPot and learn some great recipes for what will surely be a chaotic lifestyle when I go back to work. I need to make sure that we’re economically shopping for groceries, and cooking – most nights dinner is an afterthought, a call to the local restaurant, whatever we can put together. That’s not how I want to continue living my life.

Summer 2018: Kick it UP

As I build my foundation with walking and moving, my goal over the summer – when my body is ready – is to get back into running.

In a previous life…I’m a runner. I have run 10-mile and half-marathon races. Tons of 5Ks. One year I even competed in the USA Track & Field Mid-Atlantic Association Grand Prix racing season; I did eight races between March and November of 2006, and placed first in my age group!!

My lifestyle, my fitness – all of it revolved around my race schedule and my desire to compete against myself to finish one minute sooner…or to go one extra mile.

Basically, running is my favorite way to exercise, because it gives me the personal challenge I need to stay motivated!

Over summer, I want to start from scratch – do a couch-to-5K program, relearn how to run. Buy new running shoes.

I plan to commit to running three times a week.

On two other days during the week, I want to work on my strength training. I’m going to have a big fight back from two c-sections that I was overweight for to begin with, and core exercises will be especially important to me.

Fall 2018: Off to the Races!

In mid- to late-fall, I want to run a 5K. There are so many in my area, and by then I should be good to go! My goal is to run a 5K race – not finish in a personal best time or even in a certain time frame. I don’t even care if I have to walk a little. My goal is to finish.

Winter 2018: Keep it UP

It’s important over the holidays to maintain the healthy lifestyle changes I plan to make leading up to the holiday months. Therefore, my goal is simple: Maintain the routine. Cook healthy. Eat healthy snacks. Continue making time for fitness.

Overall, my fitness goals are simple and realistic for my life right now, and really tied to who I eventually want to be for myself, and as a role model for my children. And all of it is coupled with healthier eating. With a second child, I need to really budget myself, and I’m going to have to be better about going grocery shopping, and cooking healthy meals at home vs. ordering takeout or picking up fast food. Life is CRAZY with one child, and I know it will be exhausting with two.

But if I don’t make and stick to my personal fitness and health goals, what good am I to anyone while improperly fueled and motivated?

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