Welcome to the new BeautyJudy – The intersection of career, motherhood and makeup addiction

Next month, BeautyJudy will turn 9-years-old.

In the last nine years, I’ve changed in a lot of ways.

  • I switched career paths, and my current role in corporate communications/media relations is more demanding than ever.
  • I got married.
  • I bought a house.
  • I have a toddler, and a baby soon to arrive.

But there’s one constant: I am still a makeup and nail junkie who loves to blog about makeup and nail polish just as much as I love to experiment with it and use it!

As my life has evolved, I’ve had to find ways to maintain and indulge in this part of myself – whether it’s finding time to create content for BeautyJudy, or allowing time in my hurried mornings or weekends for a face-of-the-day.

And this is why BeautyJudy had to grow up.

I worked with a fantastic graphic designer Christina Marie Designs for a new logo – the one at the top of this post. It demonstrates my love for color in a more sophisticated way. Not only was she reasonably priced but she was friendly and fun to work with and brought what I wanted to see to life!

I refreshed my template/theme – it was overdue for an update and I decided that I’d keep it for now, with the updates, but make the site look as clean as possible.

I ditched the tagline, “reveling in a love of color.” While I still love color, it’s such a smaller focus of my life right now and I feel I can bring more to the table for you, as the reader.

So my new tagline is “The intersection of career, motherhood and makeup addiction.” What does that mean?

There will still be beauty and nail reviews. But there’s going to be a more refined focus and attention to lifestyle – posts that tie together career, cosmetics and motherhood. Content that steps out of the beauty realm into managing a four-person family and household. Posts that focus on managing a demanding career, personal brand and and work-life balance. Because at the end of the day, we’re all functioning in different roles throughout our days, weeks and life. And this is the person I am, and who I feel I can speak to!

I could have rebranded completely and moved away from “BeautyJudy,” but the point of this whole update? I’m still ME. I’m still “BeautyJudy,” just a woman obsessed with all things beauty.

I hope you find the new look of BeautyJudy appealing. I hope you find the content engaging as I roll out new things. And most of all, I welcome your feedback. While I don’t blog for numbers, and I couldn’t keep doing it for this long if it wasn’t a creative outlet that I enjoyed, I don’t like the idea that I’m just talking to myself. Those who come here for content are important and I want to engage with you, not speak to you.

Next month it will be nine years. NINE YEARS. Thank you for that. And if you read this post, thank you for that too. Cheers to a wonderful 2018, and new beginnings!