BeautyJudy Oils: DIY Peppermint Salt Scrub

Disclaimer: I’m a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, but I am NOT a healthcare provider or aromatherapist and recommend you consult one or a physician prior to using oils; see bottom for full disclosure

Beautyjudy oils series peppermint essential oil salt scrub diy

I find peppermint essential oil helpful for a variety of things, from calming a cough and helping an upset stomach/indigestion, to opening my clogged sinuses and taking the edge off a headache.

This past Sunday, I hosted a small get together at my house – a DIY product party – where my guests could make their own Peppermint Oil Salt Scrub, among other essential oil recipes (which I’ll share over the course of this new BeautyJudy Oils lifestyle series!). I stuck to a bit of a “seasonal support” theme Sunday, considering cold and flu season is in full swing. 

I recently bought a starter kit from Young Living, and I’ve been doing a lot of research on oils and their individual and collaborative uses, as well as contraindications. I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow –  I want to research what I’m putting in/on my body carefully!

I didn’t sign up to “sell” the oils the way I’ve signed up for direct sales in the past. My interest is purely for myself. I bought a kit to acquire a good base of oils, a diffuser, and access to wholesale pricing on quality, therapeutic grade oils. My goal is to focus on issues each month and purchase oils accordingly – I’m looking at what I can do for my eczema with my January order, for example. Plus, my kit was a gift from my dad and stepmom. If friends and family want to buy oils, I’ll add them to my monthly order but I am not “pushing” my retail website or retail sales (I did link to it in the paragraph above, but it’s where you can surf and see the oils and learn more about certain Young Living oils if you’re interested).

I wanted to explain that here because I want you to understand – this BeautyJudy Oils series is my way to share the knowledge and insights I gain as a truly interested consumer, not sales person! For me this is a lifestyle change/improvement – not a pyramid scheme.


I learned this salt scrub recipe from my friend Kathy, who first piqued my interest in oils several months ago. She is a tremendous resource, having done a lot of research on oils, and into Young Living in particular.

Peppermint Salt Scrub Recipe

Beautyjudy oils series peppermint essential oil salt scrub diy

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to create your own scrub (in parentheses, I added where I purchased mine):

  • Epsom Salts (Big Lots)
  • Coarse Mineral Salt (Big Lots)
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (Young Living)
  • Vitamin E Oil (Big Lots)

You’ll also need/possibly want accessories and other supplies:

  • Something to mix the scrub in – I use a small glass Pyrex bowl and a small wooden spoon.
  • Jars to store the scrub. I purchased Ball Mason Jars at Walmart by the flat for less than $10. They are priced higher on, FYI!
  • Thin ribbon – if you plan to gift your homemade scrubs, I usually add a seasonal ribbon around the top of the jar. I bought my ribbon at Big Lots for creating holiday gifts for my daughter’s day care teachers in December (that picture at the top of the post!) I offered Valentine’s Day-themed ribbon, along with some colorful generic ribbon, to my guests Sunday. I purchased the ribbon at Walmart – the rolls were average $1.97 each.
  • Hot glue gun. I purchased one for less than $5 at Michael’s so I could glue the ribbon in place!
  • Labeling stickers. You can find labeling stickers anywhere, or make them. I actually purchased “Salt Scrub” stickers from one of my favorite Etsy planner sticker shops – PlannerStickerJubilo. They have some “DIY labels” and I made a sheet for $3.99 that said “Salt Scrub.” You can also find some essential oil sticker labels that you can write on, through Amazon. I used these for some of the other products.

Here’s how I make the scrub – I do each individual jar separate vs. making a “batch”:

  • I take the mason jar and dig out Epsom salt from the bag – filling the jar 3/4 of the way. I pour that into the small Pyrex bowl
  • I add a healthy but short pour of coarse mineral salt into the Epsom salts
  • I take my vitamin E oil and squeeze about a two-to-three second squirt into the mixture
  • I add five drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Mix everything with a small wooden spoon
  • Scoop mixture into the mason jar.

Beautyjudy oils series peppermint essential oil salt scrub diy

The Epsom salts dissolve quickly, so I wouldn’t recommend this scrub for stubborn skin – I would not expect much from using it on my feet, for example. But I love using it on my arms and chest for the following reasons:

  • It’s refreshing to use in my morning shower.
  • If I am congested, it helps open me up so I can breathe.
  • It’s just the right amount of moisturizing for my skin.
  • It’s a light exfoliation that I can use as often as I’d like to.

With this scrub recipe, the scent does not linger long on my skin after I get out of the shower and begin my day!

Obviously, for those with sensitivities to Peppermint this might not be a good idea! You can substitute the essential oil, though. You could use lavender, for example. And there are contraindications for pregnancy with peppermint oil. You’re not supposed to use it on your feet (early labor, anyone?!) and it can affect your milk supply. My plan is to discontinue use of peppermint oil in another couple weeks, around 4 weeks before I have the baby. I will also be cautious depending on what is and isn’t good for my baby when I am nursing. I was leaking breast milk the other day, so I’d like to think my body is handling the moderate approach I’ve taken with the oil.

Have you ever experimented/used peppermint essential oil for any therapeutic reason? I’d love to hear about it, or what you think of this scrub recipe!

Disclaimer: By purchasing a starter kit through Young Living, I am therefore a distributor. My kit was a gift from my parents and I previously paid for the Peppermint Oil as a nondistributor. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!