KBShimmer Holo-Day Collection 2017 Swatches and Review

Disclaimer: PR Sample

KBShimmer Holo-Days Holiday nail polish collection 2017 swatches and review on BeautyJudy

KBShimmer is dialing up the holo for an eight-piece nail polish collection this holiday and winter season that will rock your stockings – (that are hung by the chimney with care, of course!)!

The Holo-Day Collection features a concise variety of staple holiday colors but I wouldn’t call these typical! These polishes have something about them that make them stand out. Let’s just jump right into swatches!

You’re Brew-tiful

KBShimmer You're Brew-tiful nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

KBShimmer You're Brew-tiful nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Let’s start here, because this is the first one I wore! You’re Brew-tiful is a gorgeous milky latte holo. KBShimmer says, “this lightened brown polish is the ideal shade for those that want bling without the bold.” I swatched – and wore – You’re Brew-tiful in two coats. The holo is strong with this one! I love how it’s got a golden feel with an icy silvery edge. No application issues on this one.

Oh, and here’s how I wore it, with Jamberry Nail Wraps in Nutcracker King (consultant link); I wore You’re Brew-tiful on my thumb and middle fingers:

KBShimmer You're Brew-tiful nail polish Jamberry Nutcracker King nail wraps swatch review beautyjudy

Up to Snow Good

KBShimmer Up to Snow Good nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Up to Snow Good is described by KBShimmer as, “holographic glow flakes, subtle blue shimmer, and a dash of micro holo glitters shine like untouched snowbanks, accenting the pale gray color of this snow-inspired polish.” I love the blue shimmer in this polish. While subtle, it’s not shy! It is definitely seen as you can see from my photo! I applied this easily in two coats. One of my favorites from the collection. Also, apologies for the index finger redness. I had an accident with loose cuticle while swatching, unfortunately!

Fir Sure

KBShimmer Fir Sure nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Fir Sure is a gorgeous green linear holo; it leans a little blue in my opinion, which is probably why I love it so much. Shown here in two coats, it was easy-peasy on the application.

Come On Get App-y

KBShimmer Come On Get App-y nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Come On Get App-y is a blue-leaning purple with linear holo that shouts “festive!” Purple is the perfect accent color to the holidays no matter what you celebrate! Shown here in two coats, I didn’t have any issue with application.

Pour Decisions

KBShimmer Pour Decisions nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Pour Decisions is a gorgeous burgundy shade loaded with holo glow flakes; shifting sparks shine red and copper, showing off the chocolate undertones of this polish. Its complexity is why I love it! Shown here in two, easy coats.

Deck the Claws

KBShimmer Deck the Claws nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Deck the Claws is a a brilliant red base loaded with holo glitters in the KBShimmer Mega Flame finish. No holiday collection is complete without a red, and I’m happy this one is bright and cheerful. Shown here in two coats!

Why So Sirius?

KBShimmer Why So Sirius? nail polish swatch review beautyjudy KBShimmer Why So Sirius? nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Why So Sirius? is a cosmic, out-of-space type of polish whose shimmer shifts from a jewel-toned purple to vibrant teal, while holo glow flakes twinkle against the deep navy base. It’s even more complex with hints of magenta in certain lighting, per my second photo. I love when a polish looks reminds me of the nighttime sky! Shown here in two coats.

Jewels of the Trade

KBShimmer Jewels of the Trade nail polish swatch review beautyjudy

Jewels of the Trade is another Mega Flame finish polish, a brilliant almost sapphire color loaded with holo glitter. It seems so glowy! Shown here in two coats!

Also making a repeat appearance this year is Holly Back Girl! I’m going to need to pick this up because it is missing from my collection!

Overall, I thought this was a well-done, concise and gorgeous holiday/winter collection! I couldn’t wait to start wearing them.

So what’s grabbing your attention?! Whatever it is – all 8 new additions or just a couple – you can find them on the KBShimmer website NOW for $9.25 a bottle! Also for sale is the new KBShimmer Clearly on Top in the five-free formula! All the holiday colors are made with a five-free base, as well.

Disclaimer: I received the KBShimmer winter/holiday collection for honest consideration. I sell Jamberry and purchased Nutcracker King through my consultant website meaning I received commission on the full-price sale. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!