A Stop at The Makeup Shop NYC

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The Makeup Shop NYC

(One ginormous crappy NJTransit train selfie for you as my mom and I journeyed up to The Makeup Shop NYC!)

With the exception of last year (I don’t believe they held it last year!) I’ve been to two “pop-up” makeup shops held by the organizers of The Makeup Show trade shows. Now branded as The Makeup Shop (previously called The Makeup Show Pop-Up Shop), it’s a room full of cosmetic-related brands selling products to the general public at The Makeup Show pro prices.

The shop was held at Metropolitan Pavilion, where The Makeup Show NYC is held every year. Since my mom and I usually make a trek up to NYC every year to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, or to take in The Christmas Spectacular Rockettes Show, we centered our December 2017 trip around The Makeup Shop for another year (she’d been with me to the shop in the past, too!)

This year, however, due to major delays and issues in travel to AND from NYC via NJTransit, the only thing we did was The Makeup Shop and stop to eat at a great restaurant around 19th and Seventh – Elmo.


While I’ve blogged about product I’ve purchased at The Makeup Shop NYC in the past, I’ve never really done a “round-up” the way I have of trade shows. But this year, the vibe was different

There were a lot more smaller, emerging brands that I found really interesting, and so I put on my beauty blogger hat and took some pictures. I thought it’d be interesting to share new brands that have an appeal, or something unique to their offering.

Let me take you through some of the new brands I spotted, as well as some of my favorites!

Aggi Natural Beauty

Aggi Natural Beauty The Makeup Shop NYC

Aggi Natural Beauty stood out to me because the lipsticks were in bold and neutral shades; while there weren’t many lippies there the packaging caught my attention. So I stopped by to check out some of the shades and ended up falling in love with the shade, “I Fall for NY.”

What sets Aggi Natural Beauty lipsticks apart is formula, the owner said. Aggi lipsticks are made free of parabens, paraffins, gluten, fragrances or preservatives as PEG, BHT, BHA. They contain natural vitamin E and lavender organic oil – an oil which contributes to an aromatherapy benefit provided by the lipsticks; Aggi lipsticks are made with a special blend of pure organic essential oils that will, according to the brand, “lift you up, nourish your skin and open up your senses to be receptive to all the love in the universe, starting with yours.” That’s some lofty goals, but I like that it’s unique!

You can shop Aggi Natural Beauty here on Etsy. Since I purchased “I Fall for NY,” I’ll refrain on opinions until I wear test it and can report back here on how it did! While the prices in the Etsy shop read $24.99, I paid $15 for the tube I purchased.

QueensLyfe Cosmetics

Queens Lyfe Cosmetics The Makeup Shop NYC

Excuse the blurry picture, wow! But QueensLyfe Cosmetics was a new kid on the block at the shop, and not only did their pressed powders catch my eye, but the women behind the brand were engaging and I immediately felt drawn to learn more!

Queens Lyfe Cosmetics The Makeup Shop NYC Queens Lyfe Cosmetics The Makeup Shop NYC

Honestly, my pics don’t even do these beautiful hand-made products justice.

QueensLyfe founder Gina started making lippies in her kitchen and her brand really grew from a passion her teenage daughter had for makeup that became an obsession for Gina! She went from creating lip glosses and lipsticks to pressing powders – there are also setting sprays and liners on the brand’s menu.

THIS is what drew me over, though:

Queens Lyfe Cosmetics The Makeup Shop NYC

This bad boy is called Unicorn Tears, and it’s one of the brand’s Illumiglo pressed powders. It’s a purple/pink duochrome – perhaps not a unique shade in my eye shadow collection but as a face powder (that can ALSO be used as an eye powder)? THAT drew me in. I can not wait to use this!

QueensLyfe Cosmetics is available online through the link I put in above. I’m looking forward to trying the powders I picked up, and keeping an eye out on where they go from here!

Blot Beauty Cosmetics

Blot Cosmetics The Makeup Shop NYC

Blot Beauty Cosmetics brought a  beautiful bunch of liquid lipsticks and eye shadows to The Makeup Shop!

Truth be told…I would have kept walking past the table because all my eye caught were the liquid lipsticks and I just wasn’t sure I needed to be tempted. But my mom went over, and started swatching some of them. She went home with the color Moonshine, which is a nice pink shade – my mom doesn’t really stray far from pink shades (no brown undertones for her!).

The owner gave my mom swatches of a couple other colors that were way outside her comfort zone like hot pink and my mom said, “I don’t want my lips to arrive before I do!” Hahaha, OH MOM. Not everyone is into bold, some people just like nice, neutral makeup, but my mom just cracks me up sometimes.

So while my mom was busy finding a lipstick that wouldn’t “make her lips arrive first,” I played with the Trailblazer eye shadows. GORGEOUS bold, pigmented shadows.

Blot Cosmetics The Makeup Shop NYC

If you’re interested in learning more about Blot Beauty, head over to their site (linked above) where you can also purchase their products!


Artemix The Makeup Shop NYC

A table manned by friendly folks drew me in at Artemix. I spotted the artists’s palette and quickly realized that this was a pretty cool tool; you have a mixing plate in the middle with magnetized spots all around it for you to customize your own makeup pots, so you can “make-up” as you go and mix without having to skip a beat.

Similar to magnetized, empty palettes, like Z-Palettes, the Artemix Magnetic System has magnetic stickers you can put on the bottom of your jars to help make them compatible with the artist’s palette. They also have magnetized empty containers, so you can put whatever product you want in the jars and work.

Artemix The Makeup Shop NYC

In addition to the palette, the brand is also introducing its own pigments, shown above.

You can check out Artemix at the website linked to above!


Cozzette The Makeup Shop NYC


Cozzette isn’t a new-to-me brand, although I am still getting to know it better. I was able to try a brown matte shadow from the brand earlier this year and LOVED it. Blendable and pigmented – so when they showed me their holiday eye shadow palette (above), I just about died. Not only are the colors highly pigmented, gorgeous and festive, but they swatch like a velvet dream. Also, I have the bullet brush and love it.

I’d put these shadows up near the Viseart category in terms of expense; this palette retails for over $90, and was on special at the show for about $77. While I would have loved nothing more than to purchase this, I had to restrain myself because I only brought so much with me and it wasn’t in my budget this time. But ugh – that red! That teal!

Cozzette also had its new Infinite Makeup on hand – a stick foundation and concealer combo product with a brush on the other end that blends it out beautifully. The color range is based on color theory, and the formula is rich in antioxidants.

I was drawn in by the eye shadow, and picked up a lavender/gold duochrome shade for a discounted $7.70. Cozzette is a brand I’d love to own more of!


Mehron The Makeup Shop NYC

I wrote about Mehron after a thorough booth visit at The Makeup Show NYC earlier this year! I’ve also reviewed the brand’s amazing SKIN Prep PRO product. I’m actually a bit of a slacker and have a bronzer to review for you, but while I’ve been enjoying the products I’ve tried so far, Mehron is busy launching new ones – like that brush set above! The Mehron Professional Beauty Brushes retails for $99, and comes in the case you see them snug inside. They’re synthetic brushes, and they feel soft to the touch!

Mehron The Makeup Shop NYC

Also launching – Brazen Mascara. Brazen is in a tube that reminds me of a lip gloss. It’s got a nylon-infused formula designed for volume and extension. It’s a water-resistant mascara with flexible plastic bristles – usually I go for more traditional fluffy mascara brushes, but I love Mehron, so I picked this up, too. I paid $10 at the shop, but it retails for $12.95 on the Mehron site.

Mehron The Makeup Shop NYC

Another new product alert from Mehron! 1927 Liquid Vinyl Makeup. The packaging on this drew me in! This is a jet black, paintable liquid makeup with a vinyl-like finish that is water and smudge resistant. It’s designed for use on the face and body, including as eyeliner, and included with purchase is a professional two-piece brush. Perhaps the best part? The packaging. It’s in a retro .5 oz. ink well bottle! I can’t wait to try this out and share my thoughts. I want to do more than just line my eyes – I want to be a bit creative in my eye makeup with it!

Grande Cosmetics

Grande Cosmetics The Makeup Shop NYC

My mom was the one who was curious to stop at the Grande Cosmetics table. She’d come * this * close to ordering their invisible lip liner, and since she had decided against the order, she picked it up at the show. While the woman manning the table worked with my mom, I explored the products on the table and found this beautiful semi-matte HydraPlump Liquid Lipstick in Razzle Berry that reminded me of  the Pantone Color of the Year. These retail for $25 but I believe I paid $17 for this at the shop.

Breakups to Makeup

Breakups to Makeup The Makeup Shop NYC

If you haven’t heard of Breakups to Makeup, you are missing out! New York City-based makeup artist Angelique Velez – who is a total sweetheart and was manning her table with her beautiful mom Saturday – puts out great makeup/life-oriented sayings on clothing and accessories. The goal is to spread the message that makeup is more than just something we use to paint our faces. For me, makeup is art. It is expression. It is enjoying color and having fun. I connect with so many of her sayings!

At the shop, she launched the above saying on a shirt – “Brooklyn We Glow Hard.” Love it! But perhaps my favorite thing I saw:

Breakups to Makeup The Makeup Shop NYC

Makeup bags that were sold as a set – a la best friend bracelets or necklaces – that said, “Real Friends Give You Their Highlighter So You Can Shine.” LOVE IT. It was a shop special for $60 – keep one and give to a friend with a new highlighter inside – boom. Bestie gift, done.

Check out her shop – my favorite are the makeup clutches!!


Glamcor The Makeup Shop NYC

Last but not least! Glamcor. Oh Glamcor, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways in which your lighting makes my selfies look so much better than any other lighting, lol! Owning a Glamcor light is a dream of mine as a blogger and if I had the $170 shop price on hand for their Riki Loves Riki mirror, I would have done it in a heart beat!

Here’s a shot of my eye makeup, because I couldn’t just take one selfie in this lighting!

Glamcor The Makeup Shop NYC

This was, by the way, one of the full-length lighted mirrors I used to take the photo.

To be honest, I might save my $$ and pick up the Mehron Riki mirror on the Mehron site here! It’s $149 right now (GAH why can’t I have a money tree, lol?!)


There were plenty of other vendors, and plenty of information that I could have shared, had I had a proper notebook and gone into proper blogging mode, but to be honest the Shop is fun and I like that I go as a shopper not a blogger, but can get blogger stuff done at my own pace!

I hope you enjoyed learning about a few newer brands, and hearing about some favorites and brands maybe you’ve heard of even if you’ve never bought from.

Is there a new brand mentioned above you’re curious about?! I’d love to hear your reaction to the content here! Share in the comments below!