Zoya Fall 2017 Lipsticks

Disclaimer: PR sample, see bottom.

Zoya lipstick fall 2017 swatches revie beautyjudy

Zoya’s seven Fall Lipsticks are creamy additions to The Perfect Lipstick lineup, offering a range from nude to bold and playing well with the bold or neutral eye looks that I’ve been playing with lately!

Of note, though, is that while there’s a nude and a bold color, there’s an overwhelming, overall pink theme here among these lipsticks. So stay with me if you don’t mind lots of pink tones!

Check them out – here are lip swatches on my fair skin, and descriptions! Overall thoughts and wear at the end!


Zoya Addie fall 2017 lipstick beautyjudy

Addie is described as a pinky nude apricot, and it’s a great shade to pair with a bold or smokey eye look. It’s a great work neutral for me, too.


Zoya Layne fall 2017 lipstick beautyjudy

Layne is described as a medium dusty rose, and it’s one of my favorites in the collection. It’s very classic against my skin tone.


Zoya Izzy fall 2017 lipstick beautyjudy

Izzy is described as a deep fuchsia that provides a nice OOOMPH. I don’t mind wearing this to work, but this would be a great lipstick for a fall night out.


Zoya Lucky fall 2017 lipstick beautyjudy

Lucky is described as a vibrant cool-toned pink. I love the magenta/purple tone shimmer that comes through on this one. I own other shades like this, with stronger shift, but I can’t get enough. To me, this is a great lipstick for any time of year.


Zoya maggie fall 2017 lipstick beautyjudy

Maggie is described as a deep berry. A good pick for fall.


Zoya Tommy fall 2017 lipstick swatch beautyjudy

Tommy is described as a saturated blurple. And it looks horrible on me. I shy away from bold colors like this because I’m not cool enough to pull them off. So I wiped most of it off, and added a sheer, iridescent lip gloss to make it more wearable! This is the only shade I wasn’t able to wear to test, because I wasn’t comfortable in it.


Zoya Bristol fall 2017 lipstick beautyjudy

Bristol is described as a medium wine tone. It’s a nice staple for my collection. I have others like her, but I do love the Zoya formula.

I got great wear time on all of these (except Tommy, because I didn’t wear it fully, so I can’t speak to its wear!), applying in the morning and wearing solidly until lunch time. That’s five-ish hours. I generally don’t reapply my lipstick after I eat lunch, but I know that if I did, I’m confident I’d get the rest of the work day out of them!

The Zoya formula is creamy, and my lips are very comfortable wearing these lipsticks.

These lipsticks retail on the Zoya.com website for $12 each. Even the price is reasonable, for such a great, long-wearing lipstick.

There’s a lot of buzz from bloggers about these pigmented, well-wearing lipsticks; have you tried them? What’s your pick from this group for fall?

Disclaimer: I received the Zoya lipsticks for honest consideration by the brand. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!