imPRESS One-Step Gel Press-On Manicure

Nothing to disclose.

ImPRESS one-step Gel press-on manicure review beautyjudy

I’ve recently been curious about press-on nails, I see people wearing them for days in my Instagram feed and I am blown away.

Last October, I gave a set of Static Nails a shot, and had OK results.

I decided to give another set of Static Nails a go, and I got two days of wear before I popped one off. I was impressed. So while at Walmart recently, when I came across a display of Halloween-themed press-on nails, I decided to give them a shot.

imPRESS One-Step Gel Press-On Manicure includes a set of 30 nails that have the adhesive already tabbed onto the nail. I was SUPER skeptical about this, because I remember the tab adhesives of years ago and they weren’t very strong.

i picked up a set that had different types of pumpkin designs, as well as glitter and “creme” nails. I can’t tell what the name of the set is; next to the UPC code it says Reign so that might be it. I believe they were around $5.97.


Something I did different with my last Static Nails application, and this set, was to wipe my nail bed with nail prep (alcohol basically) before I applied the nails. This set actually HAS an alcohol prep pad included in the package. It also comes with instructions and a tiny nail file.

I was able to easily find good fits for my nail beds among the selection of nails (I got a pack of mediums), and laid them out, and got to work starting with my pinkies and working my way toward my thumbs last.

There is a plastic cover on the adhesive of each nail, so I’d take it off, then line up the nail and apply it cuticle to tip, applying pressure to the nail bed to help adherence.

Once the nails were on, I did some filing on the tips because some had tips that looked as if they’d been attached to something and needed to be smoothed down. I also tried to smooth the edge of the glitter nail, because it felt rough.

It couldn’t have been any simpler.

ImPRESS one-step Gel press-on manicure review beautyjudy


I was completely skeptical of the wear time of these nails.

But I got a solid two days of wear before I took them off, because to be honest, I’d gone from short nails to long and I was having trouble with the adjustment.

These nails stood the test of typing all day, wrangling a toddler, doing dishes, buckling and unbuckling a car seat…I did not baby them!

I did notice that I could move the nail slightly on my nail bed, as if the adhesive had a bit of give to it. But I think this helped the nails to stay in place, by being flexible. They didn’t move unless I moved them.


It took me longer to remove them than it did to apply them.

I removed them by using the tip of other press-ons on my nails to wedge under the nails and give them a bit of lift. I tried using a cotton ball soaked in acetone to help break up the glue but I found that patience and moving the tips under the nails was the best method. I probably could have used the tiny orange stick included in the package.

The nails were so strongly adhered that it was a bit painful and took some work as I tried to interfere with the glue.

I thought for sure I would have damage on my nails but I was thrilled that not only were my nail beds healthy and unscathed, but the removal did not break any of them. I only had a bit of damage on one thumb but I buffed the nail and it’s fine.

Overall thoughts

I could have easily gotten more wear from those nails had I been able deal with the length.

The price point was affordable, although these are not really reusable. During removal I bent some of them as I worked to take them off. I’m sure if you preserved them as much as possible you could use nail glue the next time around but I just don’t see myself reusing these. Plus, there are 30 nails included, and you can file to fit as you need to; there may be a second mani in the package.

Have you tried these press-on nails?! I was really impressed by imPRESS and for holidays and special occasions I would absolutely buy these and use them again.