Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Look

I bought this.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette eye look BeautyJudy

When I saw the pics for the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, I knew I had to have it.

I waited for the right time to use it; about a week and a half ago, my moment came! My husband and I took the train into New York City to have dinner in Little Italy with my best friend, her husband and their oldest daughter. I had just come down with a cold or some kind of bad allergies, and decided that despite how awful I felt, I had to go, and I had to make myself feel good. So I snatched this palette out of my drawer and set to work painting my face so that I could at least look better than I felt!

I drew inspiration for my look from a Nikki Tutorials video using this palette,- something I’ve never done before; I’ve only recently started surfing YouTube videos watching makeup tutorials and reviews. I was so intrigued by the colors Nikki blended. I skipped some of the touches she did (glitter, fake lashes etc.) but am still SO happy with how this turned out and I’m so glad I watched that tutorial!

Here’s my look:

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette eye look BeautyJudy Huda Beauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette eye look BeautyJudy Huda Beauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette eye look BeautyJudy

Here’s a closer look at the colors of the palette, and a list of what I used follows:

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette eye look BeautyJudy

I used:

  • Jesse’s Girl Eye Primer
  • Musk all over my lid into crease
  • Amber on outer part of lid into crease and lower lash line
  • Saffron in the outer corner blended into Amber and crease
  • Oud in the inner lid crease blended into the outer crease
  • A little bit of Blood Moon blended across the crease
  • MAC Cosmetics Select Cover-Up Concealer (NC20) on the inner lid
  • Twilight patted onto the concealer
  • Nefertiti in the inner corner of my lid
  • Cashmere to highlight brow
  • Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  • DiorShow Mascara

I honestly can’t remember what foundation I used! My blush and highlight are from the recent Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean face palette. My lipstick is Ofra Cosmetics Wonderland.

I don’t want to review this palette as a whole, because I haven’t used the whole thing, or even the majority of shades! But I can speak to the shadows I used.

I found the shadows had some kick-up as you touched the pan, mostly the mattes like Amber, but it wasn’t an issue and my palette appears as cleans as the day before I used it the first time! After Subculture, I approach everything delicately!

The colors were beautifully pigmented and blended nicely. I had the slightest bit of fallout from Twilight at the end of the night. My eye look lasted me 13 or 14 hours and I noticed this at the end when I was taking it off to go to bed.

I can’t wait to play some more with this palette. I love having all these colors together, with a variety of finishes. I feel creative and inspired when I look at it.

I got mine from for $65.

Have you tried the Desert Dusk palette yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts!