KBShimmer Fall 2017 Nail Polish Collection Review and Swatches

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KBShimmer fall 2017 nail polish collection review and swatches on beautyjudy

Fall nail polish collections are my FAVORITE! But the KBShimmer fall collection this year has got to win best ever for me.

A few years ago, KBShimmer created a winter collection with the help of some very special bloggers – and they were gorgeous! Well, this fall 12 polishes in this 14-piece collection were created with inspiration from 12 bloggers – and I am so grateful I was lucky to be one of them!! The remaining two polishes were pretties created by KBShimmer Owner, Christy Rose.

“Working with another person to create a polish based on their vision, their inspiration photo is always one of the hardest, but most rewarding things we do,” said Christy in a press release. “That moment when you know you matched what was in their head, that is the best!”

This collection launched Saturday September 23rd, 2017, at Polish Con Chicago, but online sales at KBShimmer.com will start in three weeks on Friday, October 13th.  The fall collection will be the first to feature KBShimmer’s new five-free polish base and each polish will retail for $9.25.

So let’s jump right in! In each description, I link back to the blogger’s post on their own site so you can see all their photos and read more about the stories behind their individual contributions to the overall collection!

First, I want to revisit my contribution to the lineup!

Northern Frights

KBShimmer Northern Frights f all 2017 nail polish collection collaboration blogger BeautyJudy

Please see more pictures here – this is MY collaboration polish with KBShimmer!! This polish is so multi-tonal! It’s a gorgeous creation of the inspiration photo I provided.

High-rise To The Occasion

KBshimmer High-Rise to the Occasion Review and swatches on beautyjudy KBshimmer High-Rise to the Occasion Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Michelle from Ehmkay Nails drew inspiration for her polish from photos of the holidays in NYC. Her photo included the steel of high-rise buildings, the twinkle of holiday decor, and the glow of a violet up-light. This crelly polish is light gray with a strong, soft violet shimmer, containing a generous dose of rainbow metallic flakes. It’s gorgeous! I applied it in two coats, but I might do three next time I wear it. I want to load ‘er up! It applied very well.

Pearls Gone Wild

KBshimmer Pearls Gone Wild Review and swatches on beautyjudy KBshimmer Pearls Gone Wild Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Amy from McPolish was inspired by nature at its shining best, from a softly glowing starry sky, to shimmering opals and natural stones. This polish is an insane, sparkly pretty with both micro and small holo glitters, as well as a red shimmer that shifts copper, gold and pink. I used two coats here and didn’t want to take it off! It applied very well.

I Don’t Want No Shrubs

KBshimmer I Don't Want No Shrubs Review and swatches on beautyjudy KBshimmer I Don't Want No Shrubs Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession is from the West Coast, so fall for her is full of beautiful flowers and bright colors, just like her inspiration photo from her own garden! This bright fuchsia pink polish is filled with micro golden flakes and shimmer; it’s a perfect reflection of early fall when we are in transition from warm to cool temps! Shown here in two coats it was actually the first one I wore! It applied very well!

Stop and Smell the Rosé

KBshimmer Stop and Smell the Rose Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Stop And Smell The Rosé is one of Christy’s creations – she’s obsessed with rose gold, from phones to jewelry and to  wine, “rose gold is life!” This softly pink, near-copper shade is a stunning holographic polish that totally fits into the spicy work appropriate category – who says work appropriate has to be nude and boring?! I loved this one in two coats, it applied beautifully.

Pun-kin Spice Latte

KBShimmer Pun-kin spice latte Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Valesha from Peachy Polish shared inspiiration photos of a copper tub and terracotta pots, perfect color-fodder for fall! This polish itself is a terracotta, near-pumpkin shade filled with a subtle copper shimmer, which gives this near-crème polish a sophisticated glow. I like my PSL grande, thankyouverymuch. Shown in two coats – it applied beautifully!

Oh My Gourd

KBshimmer Oh My Gourd Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Caramel apples, butterscotch, changing leaves and gourds signal that fall is near…so no wonder this creamy butterscotch shade is made for fall. I applied it in two, easy coats. It’s that kind of “ugly” color that I LOVE. Also, now I’m craving Werther’s.

Espresso Yourself

KBshimmer Espresso Yourself Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Gaby from LacquerLoon shared pictures of rich chocolate, warm coffee and glimmering clothes in shades of brown, copper and gold to inspire this polish that is near-in-finish to KBShimmer’s popular Mega Flame finish. It’s a rich brown base filled with copper and gold holographic micro glitters. It’s the perfect way to wear brown, in my opinion! It applied well in two coats, too!

Olive or Twist

KBshimmer Olive or Twist Review and swatches on beautyjudy KBshimmer Olive or Twist Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Lovely Mishra from Nail It Lovely was inspired by rich gold tones and soothing shades of olive for her collaboration shade! This polish in in a holo glow finish; a deepened olive color, this polish shimmers with holo glow flakes and a golden flash. It applied very easily and opaque in two coats!


KBshimmer #squadghouls Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Holly from Miss Holly Berries shared inspiration photos with deep olive green shades of the forest, goldenrod yellows and autumn oranges. So KBShimmer created a deepened olive jelly filled with glitters that shift in shades of orange, green and gold! When naming this polish, the KBShimmer team learned that Holly is a huge straight-to-DVD scary movie fan, so they knew that there had to be a tie-in with a campy horror name! This jelly applied great in two coats, I was thrilled with coverage and glitter load!

Better Lake Than Never

KBshimmer Better Lake Than Never Review and swatches on beautyjudy KBshimmer Better Lake Than Never Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Better Lake Than Never – Alicia from Delishious Nails offered a stunning palette of rich, deep blues, turquoises and teals to work from…all colors a perfect fit for KBShimmer’s Holo Glow finish. A jewel-toned teal-leaning blue, this polish is filled with holo glow flakes that accent a strong turquoise shimmer that makes this polish shine bright. It’s GORGEOUS and shifty! I applied it in two perfect coats.

Peach for the Sky

KBshimmer Peach for the Sky Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Antoinette from aricedotcom provided beautiful photos of autumn leaves against turquoise skies, which led KBShimmer to create a soft sky blue polish to bring a pop of color to fall. This creamy shade is also loaded with a peachy-copper shimmer, for a soft shade that will make you imagine jumping into piles of leaves on a fall afternoon! Applied wonderfully in two coats. My lighting is a little orange in this pic but it picks up the shimmer nicely!

Let’s Fang Out

KBshimmer Let's Fang Out Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Sam from Sam Nailed It posted a stunning picture of deep burgundy, vampy lips as her inspiration photo for a crème polish. This shade matches the next polish perfectly! Let’s Fang Out is almost a plum color, with hints of maroon and aubergine – it’s just the vampy kinda shade I crave in fall! It applied perfect in two coats. KBShimmer cremes are as smooth as their glitters are unique.

Lady And The Vamp

KBshimmer Lady and the vamp Review and swatches on beautyjudy

Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary knew she wanted a deep vampy color burgundy red in the brand’s Mega Flame finish, and they definitely delivered! This almost plum color polish is loaded with holographic glitters, with hints of maroon and aubergine for the ultimate sparkle.You can see how it’s a great match for Let’s Fang Out! I applied it easily in two coats.

There’s honestly not a bad polish in this bunch. I’ve loved all the fall collections I’ve checked out this season, but I think for obvious reasons, this one is dear to me!! I loved seeing everyone’s photos – did you know that this collaboration started earlier this year, maybe March or April? That’s when Christy brought us all together to start talking about what we might want to envision. It’s been an enjoyable journey with lots of inspiration sharing, sneak peeks of the polishes, and it’s wonderful to see how creative the KBShimmer team was in matching the vision of each blogger.

What are you planning to pick up?! Which polishes are speaking to you in a major way?!

Disclaimer: I received the KBShimmer fall collection for honest consideration by the brand. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!