Gimme Gloss!

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lip gloss comeback beautyjudy

When I interviewed a handful of prominent makeup artists for a summer makeup trend piece (appeared in the Burlington County Times in May), there were a few key themes that stuck out.

Then there was the hint of a trend, something that artists said they see creeping back on the scene – LIP GLOSS is working on its comeback.

“Gloss is slowly and surely trying to come out of that dark cave it crawled into years ago,” Lori Taylor Davis, Global Pro Lead Artist at Smashbox, told me at The Makeup Show NYC.

Personally, I latched onto the matte liquid lip trend and I hardly ever looked back. Then, a few months ago I discovered metallics. I tried them in matte, but also in gloss and creamy and liquid lipstick form. With that experimentation into different texture, I started reaching for gloss. I even picked up a couple over the last couple months, and I decided to share with you my current gloss favorites. They’re all bomb to me for different reasons, and I’ve broken them down by category. Read on and let me know what YOU are loving from the glossier side of lips these days!

Trans formative Lip Gloss

transformative lip glosses Milk HOlographic lip Gloss Jesse's Girl Glow Stix beautyjudy

2017 has not only seen metallic lip trends, we’ve ushered in an age of lip transformers. Whether you call them Diamond Crushers like Lime Crime, Vice Special Effects like Urban Decay, or Lip Toppers like Jouer, this is a trend that helps us create new looks with all those matte liquid lippies we have acquired, adding a frosted, or metallic and shimmery edge.

In addition to these types of toppers – the ones I mentioned dry down – there’s also been a renewed interest in trans formative glosses, as well! This isn’t a new concept; Jesse’s Girl’s Glow Stix have been out for years, along with Inglot’s gorgeous iridescent glosses.

Recently, I picked up Milk Holographic Lip Gloss in Supernova. I was intrigued to see how it performed as a trans formative topper, but to be honest, found myself loving it for more natural lip looks. Here are swatches of the Glow Stix and Milk’s gloss:

transformative lip glosses Milk HOlographic lip Gloss Jesse's Girl Glow Stix beautyjudy

I reviewed Glow Stix here, so I won’t be repetitive, but Milk Holographic Lip Gloss in Supernova also has a nice, thin formula that doesn’t feel tacky. It provides a sheer wash of iridescent lavender color that looks pretty by itself, but helps other lipsticks stand out with a subtle, new sheen. I picked mine up at Sephora. You can pick up Glow Stix at Rite Aid or the Jesse’s Girl site.

Jane Iredale PureGloss Lip Gloss

Jane Iredale lip gloss beautyjudy

I’ve been a fan of Jane Iredale PureGloss Lip Gloss for years. I actually received the entire collection as a prize from a social media contest at one of their press events, and it’s a beloved roll of lip gloss, believe me! They’ve been neglected the last year as I’ve favored those matte liquid lippies, but as I have dipped my toe back into the glossy side of life, there are three new hues that I’m feeling – top to bottom – Hot Cider, Martini and Pink Lady. Check out swatches:

Jane Iredale lip gloss beautyjudy

Pink Lady is the perfect accentuation of my lips with its own natural color, giving me a glow. I love wearing it to work on more natural makeup days, and with a little liner under it for more heavier makeup days.

I find the PureGloss formula to be comfortable – not tacky. You can find Jane Iredale PureGloss here on the brand’s website. It’s probably my most expensive pick at $26 a tube, but they’ve never let me down. And the scent – while it doesn’t last long on the lips – the scent is citrusy, almost, but with a hint of herb to it. If you haven’t tried this gloss yet, add it to your list!

Here to Plump You Up

Pixi LiftLip Max in Petal Ice and Sheer Rose beautyjudy

Lip Plumpers had a real moment several years ago. In fact, I did a bunch of swatches and review in the infant months of BeautyJudy back in 2009. It’s a shame the pics from the first year of my blog are missing in action.

Anyway! It’s been AWHILE since I freaked out over a plumper. Back in those days, the spicer, the tinglier, the better. These days, the softer, more feminine and gentle the better!

Enter Pixi LiftLip Max, which is just that. It’s a nice, nontacky gloss that slightly plumps without the feeling of a million bee stings – you can read my full review here. LipLift Max is a great spontaneous purchase at Target, or through the Pixi site here. It’s $14.

My perfect, sparkly nude lips

sonia kashuk lip gloss sparkling sugar

Everyone’s got that one. That one that makes them feel pretty alllllll day, eeeeeeveryday. For me, that one is Sonia Kashuk Lip Gloss in Sparkling Sugar. It’s a nude with a pinky-peachy vibe that I find appealing on my skin tone.

I discussed it in more detail in this post here, if you’re curious.

This pretty can be found at Target, and purchased for $8.99. A great price point for a great gloss!

Oh My Gloss!

Rimmel Oh My Gloss Modern Pink beautyjudy

My photo is a little dark, but the packaging on this pretty, juicy pink lip gloss is a hot watermelon pink! Rimmel Oh My Gloss! in Modern Pink.has surprised me; it was a spontaneous Ulta purchase while I was looking at displays in line at the register.

Oh My Gloss! is more of an “oil tint,” which is why it doesn’t feel tacky, but slick. It turns my lips the prettiest shade of my pink lips but better. You can find it for $5.99 at Ulta. I am HERE for this formula, guys!

NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss Pink Buttercream and Cotton Candy BeautyJudy

NYX Butter Gloss is not new. And I went nuts for it when I discovered it. I’ve been feeling two colors in particular this summer, Cotton Candy and Pink Buttercream.

NYX Butter Gloss Pink Buttercream and Cotton Candy BeautyJudy

While a lot of the glosses I’ve mentioned and I’m wearing are on the sheerer side, NYX Butter Gloss gives a pop of color. These are two juicy, perfect colors for summer, too.

Butter Gloss retails for $4.99 at Ulta, and you can get them for a steal when they have those B1G1 deals. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed them on BeautyJudy before!

Shimmah Shimmah Shimmah

Jesse's Girl Idyllic lip gloss and ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips BeautyJudy

I don’t know why I didn’t lump Sonia in with these guys, but these are some of my fav lip glosses for shimmer! ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in Tight Fit and Sheer Cute (from the Hello Kitty Collab) and Jesse’s Girl Liquid Glass in Idyllic – a frosty pink.

While the ColourPop glosses are a little thicker (not tacky), the Jesse’s Girl gloss is slick. Both are affordable; ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips retails for $6 here on the site, and the Jesse’s Girl retails for $4.99 on its site or in Rite Aid stores.

Wrap it up!

This turned into a gigantic post.

So I’ll finish up with a couple words.

Overall, gloss does not last a heck of a long time on me. I have to reapply every couple to a few hours if I want. That goes for ALL of these choices in this post.

But I am FEELING gloss right now, and can see myself reaching for warmer shades of it in fall.

Are you here for the comeback of gloss?! I want to know your opinions!

Disclaimer: I received the Pixi, Jane Iredale and Jesse’s Girl lippies for honest consideration by the brand. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!