June Empties!

Disclaimer: PR samples, see bottom.

june empties beautyjudy

Killed it on empties this month.

I feel like a bit of a hoarder when I put these empty products aside every month, but it feels so good to look at what I finished and feel like “money well spent.”

Read on for some brief thoughts on all the products in the above picture and don’t forget to comment – what did you finish in June?!

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I’ve actually gone through probably two of these in the last few months I’ve been doing empties posts, but completely forgot to include it ! I keep this small, 7-piece wipes packet in my makeup bag because more times than not, I end up doing my makeup outside my office in my car. These wipes do an awesome job of cleaning up eye shadow fall out and various products off my fingers on the go.

Would I repurchase? Yes! I have, a couple times, and will continue to!

Garnier SkinActive Clean Soothing Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes – Sensitive Skin

I got through facial cleansing wipes like crazy these days, which is telling about my nighttime cleansing habits; I choose quick and simple over thorough and moisturizing. I like to try different wipes, and i have to say, I really like these from Garnier. I picked them up at Walmart when I ran out of my last batch, and they lasted me about a month. I only need one cloth to clean my face, which is nice.

Would I repurcahse? Yes, I ran out of these a few days ago and I’ve been using micellar water instead each night. I still want to experiment with another brand, but it’s nice to have a list of products you know you can rely on.

Dove Dry Spray Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant

This is a regular in my empties posts, so I won’t belabor the point. You want to know how I feel, check out my first post from January here!

Would I repurchase? I already have one in my medicine cabinet in use and four in my linen closet waiting for me.

Sebastian Professional Dry Clean Only Instant Refreshing Spray Dry Shampoo

A couple months ago, I wandered around Ulta wondering what dry shampoo to try next. I was running out of my current at the time (I believe it was Amika), and I wanted to try something different. So I picked up about three or four travel size bottles of dry shampoo from various brands based on price and descriptions. This one has the best scent, a very clean, almost powdery scent that I like. But I’m not sure it hit the mark for me in terms of absorbing all the oil.

Would I repurchase? No. I picked up a large bottle of Amika at The Makeup Show NYC in May. I’ve also got the two other travel size bottles to use. I’m set for 2017!

CND Stickey Base Coat

I’ve had this base coat in my stash for a while. I started using it regularly and finished it up. I don’t even know if they make it anymore. But it does a great job of anchoring color to my nails and helping, in coordination with KBShimmer Clearly on Top, my manis last.

Would I repurchase? Yes. Especially now that I know I can! But I already have a bottle of KBShimmer Basic Training Base Coat in rotation.

Rite Aid Renewal Oil-Free Makeup Remover

I’ve been using this oil-free makeup remover for eye makeup and stubborn lip colors for years. It removes my waterproof mascara, my stubborn long-wearing lippies and isn’t harsh. This one is a drugstore version of the Neutrogena oil-free remover, and I’ve purchased that as well.

Would I repurchase it? Absolutely, although usually I purchase the generic of this type of product from wherever I am when I need it. My new bottle is a Target brand, I believe.

Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner and MAC Brush Cleanser

I’ve received bottles of Parian Spirit over the years to try from The Makeup Show. I finally used a bottle. The only thing I don’t like about it is its citrusy scent, but it’s not a deal-breaker. The MAC Brush Cleanser has been hanging in my medicine cabinet a while and when I recently went on a cleaning spree with my brushes, I finished it up.

Would I repurchase either one? Yes. But right now I am plenty stocked on brush cleaner from various brands and I won’t be needing any for a little while.


June empties beautyjudy

Ofra Eye Firming Gel

I don’t even know how long I’ve had this sample sitting around. So I cracked it open and used it one day. I ended up only using it the once because I couldn’t remember if this was from purchases I made at The Makeup Show, or purchases I ordered and received samples with; and they haven’t been at TMS in NYC for a couple years.

The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

Most nights I use cleansing clothes to remove my makeup, but about once a week or every couple weeks, I like to crack open my medicine cabinet and indulge in one of my masks. I received samples of some The Body Shop masks from The Makeup Show NYC in May, and I’ve already bought the full size container of one of them (again, another empty I totally forgot to save!).

This particular mask was nice. I left it on the recommended amount of time – five or 10 minutes – and when I rinsed it off my skin was smooth as a baby’s butt!

Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3, 6, 9 Rescue & Repair Curl Defining Smoothie

This is a much thicker cream than what I normally use to encourage my natural waves and curl. I gravitate towards spray gels and mousse, but when I got a sample of this, I was curious if it would work for me. Not only did it give me a bit of a wet look to my waves, but it adds volume when I rub it from the root down. I can’t find this in stores anywhere, so I ordered it on Target.com and had it shipped to my local store to save money on shipping.

The only downside is a weird feeling after my hair dries. I can’t really run my fingers through my hair – which I’ll do a few times in the morning to fluff it out – because my fingers will get stuck in my hair. I even have trouble some times running my hand through the top of my hair to reposition it; it’s as if there’s soft, sticky cream hairspray in my hair. Since this product gives me volume, I don’t really need to run my hands through the back of it, but I do like repositioning it when it falls naturally in a way I don’t prefer on those wash-n-go days. As mentioned, though, I bought a full-size container of it and it’s what I’ve been using ever since I got this very generous sample (I think it lasted me more than a week!)

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

This little 1 oz. of makeup brush cleaner was hiding in my beauty room, and I recently found it and finished it!

With some of the makeup work I’ve been doing lately, I’ve had to clean many more brushes than I usually do, and to be honest, more often than I usually do. I also went through my brush drawer and unearthed a bunch of brushes which definitely needed cleaning.

I’ve gotten into a new habit of piling all my used brushes on my armorer, and I clean them as I go throughout the week when I have a moment, or sometimes I wait until Saturday or Sunday.

Anyway, this brush cleaner is great, and is quick-drying.

Lancome Visionnaire Skin Corrector

I have nothing really to say about this. I used it once, I believe. It’s nice, but I don’t think I need a skin corrector so much as I need a moisturizer, exfoliator/peel, and vitamin c skincare.

Would I buy any of these products full size? I already repurchased the Shea Moisture hair product, no to the Visionnaire, yes to Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner, no to the Ofra Firming Gel (I want to try other skincare from them though!) and I prefer the Himalayan Clay Mask from The Body Shop, although I did like the honey one.

Disclaimer: I received The Body Shop mask, Cinema Secrets brush cleaner and Parian Spirit brush cleaner for honest consideration through The Makeup Show NYC. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!