My experience at Polish Con NYC 2017!

Polish Con NYC 2017

A little bit like heaven.

That’s the best way I can describe the feeling of being at Polish Con NYC 2017 last weekend.

Last Friday (April 27) I took off work and around midday, I picked up my Texas bestie, Krystal from PolishGalore, and we ventured up to North Jersey, where we were staying and hanging out with our friends at Jesse’s Girl. Krystal and I hadn’t seen each other in person since Cosmoprof 2014, yet it feels like I just saw her the other day when I’m with her! We spent the evening with the Jesse’s Girl family, including our friend Christine, Jess from Love for Lacquer and Julie G.

Saturday morning, we all ventured into Brooklyn for Polish Con, which was held at Grand Prospect Hall. We arrived around 8:30 a.m., which was when some of the vendors arrived to start setting up. While I had purchased a VIP ticket months before, I ended up working with KBShimmer at their booth all day, so I got to experience the Con from the other side of the table! Christy from KBShimmer had these awesome shirts made up for those of us at the booth … I took a morning selfie on the way to Brooklyn:

Polish Con NYC 2017

Since I worked the Con, I spent the majority of time behind the KBShimmer booth, with bursts of shopping and a lunch break. So I took the bulk of my photos in the morning, while everyone was still setting up or had just set up. As the day wore on and I was able to run off and do a little shopping, I wasn’t even thinking about taking photos. So my photos are a little dark, because the lighting was dim in the hall (most tables had lights on them so you could see the colors of the polish!).

Thank you to Jen Carter from for this wonderful photo of some of our KBShimmer crew, after set up was complete and with great lighting! (I’m on the left, Jason in the middle and Rhonda on the right!):

PolishCon NYC 2017 KBShimmer booth XOXO Jen

Working the booth was such a blast. I got to share my passion for the brand with customers, more than a few times I was able to recommend colors I personally love! I spent a lot of time restocking polishes and product, and I’ve always enjoyed that kind of work. I also really enjoyed the folks I worked alongside! From fellow blogger Michelle – Ehmkay Nails, and Monica – Moni’s Manis, to the team from Indiana.

I did some funky neon eye makeup in celebration of KBShimmer’s neon launch at the show, and here’s Michelle and I in an action shot!

Polish Con NYC 2017

I didn’t stop by every table and say hi, or purchase. I didn’t get a picture of every table, as I mentioned, so I apologize that this isn’t the “whole” Con experience, but as the subject of this shares, this is “my” experience at Polish Con 🙂

First up, Jesse’s Girl had their polish, as well as some Glow Stix and liquid eyeliners. That black liquid eyeliner is my Holy Grail, seriously!

Jesse's Girl JulieG at Polish Con NYC 2017 Jesse's Girl JulieG at Polish Con NYC 2017 Jesse's Girl JulieG at Polish Con NYC 2017

I was very intrigued by Polish My Life. When I think indie nail polish, I think lots of glitter and holo and flakes and bells and whistles. Polish My Life has a lot of creme polish, which felt like instant sophistication as I looked over the table! I noticed some shimmers as well.

Polish My Life at Polish Con NYC 2017

Nine Zero was a booth I was curious to hit up, after purchasing their Road to Polish Con pretty. I walked away with five of their polishes.

Nine Zero at Polish Con NYC 2017

The Don Deeva was a table I desperately wanted to stop at, and I did not make it back. When I had the opportunity to go by, it was always crowded – that’s awesome! Which makes me want to know more, even more, lol!

The Don Deeva at Polish Con NYC 2017

And another booth I didn’t shop, Cupcake Polish. It’s probably better. I don’t know how I could have walked away without buying ALLLLLLL THE THINGS.

Cupcake Polish at Polish Con NYC 2017

Different Dimension. Here’s a table I DID do damage at, but could have done more. Everything Missi makes is incredibly gorgeous!

Different Dimension at Polish Con NYC 2017

While there, I met one of my longtime social media pals, Stephanie. We follow each other on Instagram and I was so excited to meet her!!!

Polish Con NYC 2017

Another stop for me was Glisten & Glow. I had to support my girl Niki from Hello Miss Niki and pick up her collaboration shade, A Raisin to Believe!

Glisten & Glow at Polish Con NYC 2017

I also got a picture taken with Niki (left) and Jill, G&G owner (right)!

Polish Con NYC 2017

Next up is Girly Bits! I really wanted to try the new powders. Well, only one was really new, I think, the ultra holographic powder, but I’m new to the chrome/effect powder game so I picked up a no wipe gel top coat, the new holo powder and a couple others. And polish. I met Pam, the owner, at Cosmoprof a few years ago and I love seeing all the people I’ve connected with through polish and beauty. It’s seriously as if I saw everyone last week. Everyone is so excited and happy and kind.

Girly Bits Cosmetics at Polish Con NYC 2017 Girly Bits Cosmetics at Polish Con NYC 2017

At Polish Con I was excited about the brands and people I already knew, but I was even more excited about the brands I hadn’t tried yet, and the new friends I would make! I missed out on the Ever After Road to Polish Con polish, so I made this one of my first stops. I ended up making the biggest dent in my budget at this table, trying polishes as well as Cuticle Crelly and lip balm!

Ever After at Polish Con NYC 2017

Ever After at Polish Con NYC 2017

I immediately started using the Cuticle Crelly the day after Polish Con, because my fingers were somewhat cut and dry from opening a lot of boxes.

Ever After KBShimmer at Polish Con NYC 2017

(The polish I’m wearing here is Grand Prospect Holo, from KBShimmer, on day three).

i picked up a duo from Ever After and Great Lakes Lacquer, whose table is shown here:

Ever After at Polish Con NYC 2017

This is a bit of a room shot, from in front of the KBShimmer booth!

Polish Con NYC 2017

And here are some photos of the KBShimmer booth I took!

KBShimmer at Polish Con NYC 2017 KBShimmer at Polish Con NYC 2017 KBShimmer at Polish Con NYC 2017

Also, can we all have a moment of admiration for Monica’s shoes?! HOLO!

Polish Con NYC 2017

Finally, I hauled.

Polish Con NYC 2017 nail polish haul

I helped KBShimmer break down at the end of the show, until I had to head back with my Jesse’s Girl peeps. I headed back home and was with hugging my toddler before 10 a.m. Sunday!

Polish Con NYC was a great experience. It was fun, it was worth the price of admission and it was great to meet so many folks that I have only socialized with online.

I’m hoping to swatch and share in posts the polishes and products I have from the show. I took products shots Sunday when I got home, and I’ve already started wearing my goodies! I’ll save swatches for another time, though. This post was long enough.

Did you go to Polish Con?! I’d love to hear what you loved about it! If you haven’t been yet, are you planning to go to the Polish Con in Chicago September 23 at Navy Pier?!