Products I love right now!

Disclaimer: I bought this.

Makeup Revolution Urban Decay Sonia Kashuk Hard Candy Duross & Langel BeautyJudy

I recently did a video on YouTube¬†(did you know I have a YT channel?! I’m starting to experiment with it more, hit subscribe!) talking about products that haven’t been hitting the mark for me, but there are products I haven’t reviewed yet (or might not get to) that I am in love with. Today I’m going to tell you about a few of those winners!

Duross & Langel Cuticle Salvation

Duross & Langel Cuticle Salvation BeautyJudy

So the tin isn’t in the big group shot at the top of this post because Duross & Langel Cuticle Salvation¬†immediately earned a spot in my purse, tucked into a side pocket and is used at least once a day! I use a ton of different cuticle care products, but Cuticle Salvation is exactly what my winter-weary nails need right now as we transition – one day cold, one day warm. This, along with KBShimmer Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream, is my Holy Grail cuticle care product.

Duross & Langel Cuticle Salvation BeautyJudy

It reminds me a bit of the consistency of Lush Lemony Flutter. But I prefer this over Lemony Flutter for a variety of reasons. It is cheaper (although you do get more in the Lemony Flutter container!), and it’s made by a small business! Duross & Langel have a website, but they are a Philadelphia-based small business. I love supporting local, especially when it’s this good. Check out Cuticle Salvation here if your cuticles are crying for help.

Vice Liquid Lipsticks and Special Effects Lip Top Coat

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip Top Coats beautyjudy

Technically these are two different products, but since they’re all the same parent line of Vice, I lumped them together!

At first, I didn’t pick up any of the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks, because I just seemed to completely overlook the fact that these actually do dry down. I decided I needed Conspiracy, and after trying it, I needed more. I can’t afford to go hog wild on these but they are one of the nicer liquid lipstick formulas and I just love UD anyway!

The Vice Liquid Lipstick Special Effects Lip Top Coats are just FUN. I’ve been playing with the four I have and I enjoy them just as much over the Vice Lipsticks as over the Liquid Lipsticks. Here’s me in Liquid Lipstick Trivial, with Special Effects Fever on top:

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip Top Coats beautyjudy

LOVE Fever! White Lie is also a fav of mine. I haven’t tried Litter yet, which I did get, because it’s glittery and I haven’t had the occasion to wear it.

Makeup Revolution Blushes

Makeup Revolution blush beautyjudy

Ever since I picked these palettes up in an Ulta sale a few weeks ago, I’ve been continuously reaching for them. The top palette is called Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette Queen and the bottom is Blush Palette Goddess.

Here’s some swatches of the Queen palette!

Makeup Revolution blush beautyjudy

This is the top row of the palette. You can see that some of these shades act nicely as highlighters.Makeup Revolution blush beautyjudy

The bottom row of the palette is a little darker. The colors all work with my fair skin tone, and I love having a variety of pinky shades all in one palette. That purpley-pink shade looks as if it’s chalky or has highlight but it really doesn’t.

The second palette, Goddess:

Makeup Revolution blush beautyjudy

The top row of this palette is four highlighter shades. They’re all nicely pigmented and I really like all four shades.

Makeup Revolution blush beautyjudy

The Queen palette is shimmery, but this one is matte. The four blushes range from a peach color to a darker pink. Again – I love having these colors in one place. They are what I reach for most.

I am REALLY into blush palettes right now, and these are perfect for me.

Hard Candy Lip Primer Duo

Hard Candy Lip Primer Duo BeautyJudy

I bought this Hard Candy Lip Primer Duo hoping that it would prevent lip gloss from migrating into the wrinkles flowing from the edge of my lips.

I’m so skeptical of products that I started wearing gloss constantly when I realized that this works!

I’ve used both ends – there’s one you can lay down before using creamy lip products, and the other end you use when applying glossy lip products.I apply the primer, defining my lip line, and wait for it to dry a little. Then I apply my lip product.

Hard Candy Lip Primer Duo BeautyJudy

Not only does it keep lipstick and gloss from feathering, but it also helps it last longer.

This is one of my favorite finds of 2017 so far. Well done, Hard Candy. Run, don’t walk, to pick this up at Walmart, friends!

Sonia Kashuk Lip Gloss in Sparkling Sugar

sonia kashuk lip gloss in Sparkling sugar beautyjudy swatches and review

Sonia Kashuk lip gloss in Sparkling Sugar is one of the glosses I’ve used over the Hard Candy Lip Primer Duo!

This gloss just seems to be my perfect neutral, nude, adding a touch of sparkle color. I’m obsessed!

sonia kashuk lip gloss in Sparkling sugar beautyjudy swatches and review sonia kashuk lip gloss in Sparkling sugar beautyjudy swatches and review

It’s got this pretty pink sparkle in a spun sugar base. It’s shimmery and just perfect, especially for a fresh face look or to pair with a bolder lip look.

So that just a handful of the products I’m loving right now. There are many others – Too Faced Natural Love Eye Palette, Moda Prismatic 4PC Face Perfecting Kit for cream and liquid products…but I didn’t want this to get too long.

Tell me, do you like features like this? And what products are you absolutely loving right now?!