April Empties!

Another month, another round of empties!

This month, I found among my “highlights” that I used up a beloved hair product, more soap and deodorant, and another foundation.

Since I do this monthly series, I feel more motivated to stick to a skincare or hair care product so I can finish it, and include it in these posts. It may sound funny, but it’s been great for my medicine cabinet!

Jamberry Nail Wrap & Lacquer Remover

Jamberry Nail wrap and Lacquer remover

When I first started using Jamberry Nail Wraps regularly, I removed the wraps by heating up some coconut oil in a little water and pushing them off with a cuticle spoon. I purchased the brand’s Nail Wrap & Remover to see if it would make quicker work of removal, and it did. I soak a cotton ball with it, lift the side edge of the wrap and slowly work the cottonball against the wrap until it comes off. It’s safe for my nail leaving no damage, and it’s quick.

Would I buy another? I have a bigger bottle to refill this one!

Dove Cotton Dry Antiperspirant Spray

Dove Cotton Dry anti-perspirant

In January, I finished up a Men’s Care version of this aerosol deodorant; Dove sprays have become a staple in my medicine cabinet, so this month I finished up a different one!

Would I buy another? Yes! I finished this on the first of the month so a new bottle (different scent) is already well into the rotation!

Salon Perfect Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Salon Perfect eye makeup remover pads

I received these as a sample at one point, and didn’t care for them. They just didn’t do the job very well on my eyes, but I found that I didn’t have to toss them – they do a great job of helping me clean up while swatching eye, lip and face products on the back of my hands/arms. The pads are tiny, though, so I sometimes end up using a couple at a time.

Would I buy another? No. They’re too small and don’t get the job done for me when it comes to my eyes.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation in Light

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation in Light

I bought this at the end of December and reviewed it earlier this year (read it here). This has fast become one of my favorite foundations for everyday use, and that’s evidenced by the fact that I’ve already used up a bottle! I picked up a backup bottle at IMATS earlier this month, and I also have a bottle in Light Ivory, which is probably a touch closer to my winter skin.

Would I buy another? I’ve bought two! And I’ll keep on buying!

Sweet Baby Summer Carnival Cuticle Oil

Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle oil

I’ve had this cuticle oil pen in my possession for quite some time, and I love it. It’s been victim of getting left behind in this purse or that one as I change bags, and when I found it again, I committed to using it until it was gone! I loved the sweet, carnival scent of this oil, and I love Sweet Baby!

Would I buy another? Yes, if this scent were still available, and I would also buy this oil in different scents too!

Advantage Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Nonacetone nail polish remover

I have two pumps for swatching and everyday use – acetone and non acetone. (I also religiously use Zoya Remove + for everyday). I refill those pump bottles with larger bottles of product I get at beauty supply stores. This happened to be one I kicked when I refilled my pump after a recent swatchfest!

Would I buy another? Sure. I can’t recall where I got it from, though! I tend not to be picky on my acetone or non acetone – I AM picky about what I use throughout the week when changing manis, and that job belongs to my Remove +!

Little Egg Harbor Soap Company Beach Waves Sea Salt Styling Spray

LEH Soap Company Beach Waves spray

This styling spray has been a staple in my life and frankly, I’m lost without it! I purchased it on a trip to the LEH Soap Company store in Smithville, N.J. (they’re a local small business) but the store is an hour or more away and I haven’t gotten there to get a backup recently. This styling spray is the perfect solution for my busy mornings when I wash my hair, but have no time to straighten it, and need to scrunch and go. I carry it with me so that after an initial shot of this or mousse at the house, I can scrunch again before heading into the office. I have soft waves and curls) all day. The smell is fantastic; it’s heady and strong, so I feel like my hair is perfumed with a beachy scent practically all day long.

Would I buy another? I’m hoping to get to the shop not only to pick up another bottle, but to also pick up the last piece of a friend’s gift!

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

I finished one of these last month – check out my thoughts then!

Would I buy another? Just like last month…yes!

I’d love to know – what are you proud of emptying this month?! I’m proud of finishing that styling spray, and another foundation in 2017!