Zoya Charming Swatches & Review

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Zoya Charming spring 2017 swatches and review on beautyjudy

In Southern N.J., we got a big taste of spring with unseasonably warm temps ranging from 60 to 75 the last couple weeks! One day, it was downright hot!

Being the warm-weather woman that I am, that taste of spring just made me want the season to hurry up and get here, and I immediately started choosing lighter lipsticks, and reaching for lighter nail polishes.

Enter Zoya Charming, a six-piece collection with happy, fresh creme polishes and Zoya-described “dewy, micro sparkles.”

Let’s just jump right in – the pics speak volumes!

Nail Polish


Zoya Jordan Zoya Charming spring 2017 beautyjudy

Jordan is a gorgeous pastel pink described by Zoya as a “soft blossom pink.” This type of pink creme that is saturated with bright, yet soft color pops on a variety of skin tones. I used two coats here and it was perfect! Jordan is one of my favorites from this collection!


Zoya Abby Zoya Charming spring 2017 beautyjudy

Abby is a strong lavender creme polish – another one that pops on a variety of skintones! I love this pop of purple. I used two coats and it was perfect.


Zoya Tina Zoya Charming spring 2017 beautyjudy

Tina is described by Zoya as a medium amethyst creme. I like that this complements Violette lipstick (hang in there, she’s down further!). I used two coats and she was perfect like her other sister creme partners.


Zoya Amira Zoya Charming spring 2017 beautyjudy

Amira reminds me of a soft pool color, or a shade of blue you’d see as the ocean gets deeper off a tropical island. It’s flecked with micro-sparkles that give it a golden glow. I used two coats and it applied well and was opaque.


Zoya Lacey Zoya Charming spring 2017 beautyjudy

Lacey is described as a light dewy green micro-sparkle. Lacey reminds me of a color I associate with pyramids and Egyptian paintings and jewelry…it’s an ancient, beautiful light green and the micro-sparkles give her that regal golden glow.


Zoya Millie Zoya Charming spring 2017 beautyjudy Zoya Millie Zoya Charming spring 2017 beautyjudy

Millie is described as a “dewy violet micro-sparkle.” This polish is so much more complex and gorgeous than that! It’s a fuchsia with pink and purple sparkles. I have polishes that are similar, but the depth and glow of Millie is awesome. I used two coats, and it was perfect. Millie is one of my favs from the collection!

Coordinating Lipsticks



Zoya Spring 2017 lipstick Violette swatch review on BeautyJudy

Zoya Spring 2017 lipstick Violette swatch review on BeautyJudy

Violette is a gorgeous, creamy amethyst purple with staying power. I applied this in the morning, and it held on tight throughout coffee and food, fading to a nice version of itself. Probably about four or five hours, I got.


Zoya lipstick Belle swatches BeautyJudy


Zoya lipstick Brooke swatches BeautyJudy

I reviewed Belle and Brooke here.

Overall, I really love the formula on the “dewy micro sparkle” polishes. The cremes provided a great application in Zoya’s reliable formula. I can’t get enough of Millie or Jordan or Abby! This collection satisfies my desire to wear light creme shades but also shades that are peppy and sparkle in the sun.

I like the soft lipstick choices that Zoya suggests you pair with the collection, but Violette is especially a trendy choice.

Each polish is $10, and you can purchase the set for $60 (link to the collection is at the top of the post).

Zoya is a 10-free formula, made without Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toulene,
Camphor, TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide and Lead.

What do you think of this collection?! Any favorites?!

Disclaimer: I received the lipstick and polishes for honest consideration from the manufacturer/PR. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!