KBShimmer Nauti By Nature “Spring break” collection

Disclaimer: PR Sample, see bottom.

KBShimmer Nauti by Nature spring 2017 collection swatches and review BeautyJudy

Part of the reason KBShimmer continues to be one of my favorite “indie” nail polish companies is how clever its collections continue to be, and how unique the majority of the polishes look.

The Office Space collection for winter, for example, was sharp. And this spring collection, Nauti by Nature, is full of more cleverly-named polishes “umbrella-ed” under the them of spring break – which is totally outside the box and that’s why I LOVE IT!

The brand says in press materials, “These 12 nail polishes represent different accepts of a tropical vacation, from the pastel homes of the Bahamas, to brightly colored ropes on fisherman’s ships, to the fronds of the palm trees. Let the bright colors of the Macaw and shimmering shades of sea life whisk you away on your own nautical retreat. Six holographic colors are complimented with six additional shades in shimmery, crelly, or glittery finishes, for a truly tropical collection.”

Let’s jump right into swatches!


KBShimmer Copa-banana Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Copa-Banana is a gorgeous yellow linear holo that is opaque in two coats. It’s got a nice golden glow to it and it’s upbeat. Now I can’t get Barry Manilow and Copacabana out of my head, but that’s alright. Confession time: I’m a Fanilow!

Keep Palm and Carry On

KBShimmer Keep Palm and Carry On Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Keep Palm and Carry On is described as a rich, yellow-leaning green linear holo. It’s inspired by island greenery and it makes me excited for the trees to come alive again this spring! I applied it in two coats and it was perfect.

Tropic Like It’s Hot

KBShimmer Tropic Like its hot Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Tropic Like It’s Hot is a gorgeous tropical, blue-green ocean linear holo that applies great in two coats. Blue is my favorite, and this is one every of my favs from this collection!

The Girl is Tiki

KBShimmer the girl is tiki Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

The Girl is Tiki is described by the brand as a rusty coral linear holo, and it’s inspired by “tourist trap” Tiki bars one can find on a tropical vacation. I applied this in two perfect coats. More confession time: I’m not sure I’m getting this pun right. Is it…”The girl is too cool”?

Macaw Me Maybe

KBShimmer macaw me maybe Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Macaw Me Maybe is a bright red linear holo inspired by the red of a macaw bird! Of course, now I have that song stuck in my head…thanks KBShimmer, lol. I applied it in two easy coats.

Latitude Adjustment

KBShimmer latitude adjustment Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Latitude Adjustment is a beautiful periwinkle blue linear holo. Another rich beauty with meaning – it’s inspired by mornings in paradise. It applied great and opaque in two coats! I saw this as a jewel-toned blue when I saw it and applied it, but after reading the description, I can’t unsee the hint of purple. I guess it’s like that black and blue/gold and brown dress for me, right?! ha!

Got It Sandaled

KBShimmer got it sandled Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Got It Sandaled is a beautiful purple creme with obvious pinky-violet shimmer. It’s gorgeous. Colorful like a wrap or bathing suit, or maybe even a local home in some tropical locale! It applied great in two coats. I went to grab this to take the photo, and I didn’t realize I had left the cap unscrewed…needless to say, it looks mighty good on my light hardwood floors. But it came up rather easily with a little nonacetone remover!

Saved by the Shell

KBShimmer saved by the shell Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Saved by the Shell is possibly my absolute favorite in this collection for how spot on and clever it is. Inspired in part by the soft, pink inside of a conch shell, Saved by the Shell is described as a sandy peach creme color with a coppery-pink shimmer. It applied beautiful in two coats. The creation from the inspo is just SO spot on. I love this so much!

Starfishing for Compliments

KBShimmer starfishing for compliments Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Starfishing for Compliments is described as a soft taupe cruelly with white, black, coral and aqua hex glitters, as well as a smattering of aqua and black star glitters. I used two coats here and got a good variety of the glitter without effort!

Salt Water Sassy

KBShimmer salt water sassy Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Salt Water Sassy is a tropical, sweet mint aqua base with Caribbean hex glitters – pink, yellow, white, purple and aqua. This also fits in for Easter and would be great for Easter Egg-themed nails! I applied in two coats and it was opaque. Again, good glitter mix, minimal effort for it!

Tempting Fete

KBShimmer Tempting Fete Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Tempting Fete is inspired by colorful and bold Junkanoo costumes, with gold, grape, pink, green and orange in various hex sizes and mini bar glitters, as well. Shown here in two coats, I think I’ll do a third when I wear it, for good measure.

Show Me the Mahi

KBShimmer Show Me the Mahi Nauti by Nature collection spring break 2017 beautyjudy

Show Me the Mahi is my second favorite from this collection. This blue teal jelly is loaded with gorgeous holo glitters in lime and teal, and iridescent glitters that go from golden greens to red-orange hues. It’s absolutely stunning and truly tropical! I used two coats here, but I will likely do a third for regular wear.

Overall this is a stunning, really nicely-thought out collection of polishes in a range of finishes and colors. I found all of the formulas to be typical quality KBShimmer formula, with little effort needed on glitters to get a variety, and two coats needed for most of them save for a couple of the lighter glitters that I want to beef up.

The Nauti by Nature collection will be available SATURDAY March 11, at The Indie Shop Atlanta, and on the KBShimmer, Amazon and other retailer websites on March 18.

I haven’t reviewed it yet but you can see it in my big pic at the top of this post; the brand also has a coordinating Mani Shot with this collection called Knotty Girl. It smells downright tropical, like vacation in a plastic cup. I’ll report back!

What do you think of this collection?! What are you drooling over?! Tell me in the comments!

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