The Office Space Collection – KBShimmer

Disclaimer: Some PR samples, see bottom.

KBShimmer Office Space winter collection swatches BeautyJudy

In the nail polish world, it seems like the focus shifts and we see a lot of neutrals after holiday.

But who said neutrals had to be defined as solid grey or brown creme polishes?!

KBShimmer is introducing a “naughty” version of the office-appropriate neutral with an 8-piece collection called Office Space!

Typing out TPS reports never looked so good.

Basically, these are neutrals that have “flare.”

Ok, ok. I’ll quit it with The Office Space references. But little known fact about me: The Office Space soundtrack is my all-time favorite movie soundtrack. And it’s not on iTunes. (Please, powers that be, bring it to iTunes!)

Side note:

I have to apologize because my swatches can be SO much better than what I’m sharing today. Long story short: I busted my Ott lamp. Short story long: I have really loved using an Ott lamp because I don’t have the luxury of swatchfests on the weekend anymore, but I also use my Ott lamp to do my nails at night in my living room, and there might have been an accident and it might have been fatal for the Ott lamp. I was hoping it was just the bulb but no, I broke it. Why do anything if you don’t do it all the way? I am hoping to replace it after the holidays. So in the meantime, I did my best. Thank you for understanding!

Ok. Back to business! we have a to-do list to accomplish before the end of this post, and I don’t feel like working the weekend!

Supplies Party

KBShimmer Office Space collection Supplies Party swatch BeautyJudy

KBShimmer Office Space collection Supplies Party swatch BeautyJudy

Supplies Party is described by KBShimmer as a warm cream shade loaded with metallic flakes and holo sparkle that has a finish like the Birthstone collection! The brand recommends two to three coats. I used two, and found I was good to go on coverage and it applied easily. Imagine this against a red stapler!

Take Back Ctrl

KBShimmer Office Space collection Take Back Ctrl swatch BeautyJudy

Take Back Ctrl is described by the brand as a dusty rose, mauve-leaning shade. This creme is versatile for warm or cool skin tones. I’d definitely label this in the mauve family, but wouldn’t label it my mother’s mauve. Brand recommends two easy coats, and so do I. KBShimmer nails the creme finish.

Makin’ Copies

KBShimmer Office Space collection Makin' Copies swatch BeautyJudy KBShimmer Office Space collection Makin' Copies swatch BeautyJudy

Makin’ Copies is described as a pale silver, white shimmer, lots of linear holo! Because of the lacking daytime lighting I worked with, I had to throw the flash on this one because it’s a beauty! This one is recommended in two to three coats. I did two, and found it to be a little patchy as it applied, but evened out after the second coat. Next time, I will use three.

A Hint of Manilla

KBShimmer Office Space collection Hint of Manila swatch BeautyJudy

A Hint of Manilla is described as lots of holo in a soft, tan base. KBShimmer says this shade is perfect in two to three coats, and I used two. I would do a third but two worked out well and it was easy to apply. I first saw A Hint of Manilla on KBShimmer’s Christy Rose when I had dinner with her, Jason and two blogger friends! It’s not just office-safe. Christy took it on a cruise and I bet it dazzled in the tropics!

Staple Relationship

KBShimmer Office Space collection Staple Relationship swatch BeautyJudy

Staple Relationship is described as a deepened grey with lots of silvery flakes and holo sparkle. There are subtle purple undertones that just make it a unique pick in my stash! The brand recommends two coats, and that’s spot on. Formula was great. I’m really digging the use of metallic flakes in this collection.

There are three other polishes in this collection: Cubicle Pusher, described as a muted holo grape shade; Fax of Life, a linear holo platinum grey and Caught on Tape, a pale mauve creme.

These polishes launch on January 4, 2017 (how is this real life that we are already heading into JANUARY?!) Anyway – they will retail for $9.25 each, and be available at, Amazon and other select salons and retailers!

And of course, for sales outside the U.S., visit
So what do you think of these five picks from The Office Space collection?! My favorite part about this collection, in addition to the clever take on the winter neutral, is the clever naming. OPI used to be my favorite but KBShimmer takes the cake!!!

Disclaimer: I received some of the KBShimmer Office Space collection for honest consideration, and purchased some at full price (early). Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!