Static Nails: Giving New Life to the Glue-On Nail

Disclaimer: I bought this.

Static Nails Shattered Deeds review on BeautyJudy

In 2010, I reviewed glue-on nails and came to the conclusion that I’m just “not a fake nails girl.”

Which is why I surprised myself when I purchased a set of Static Nails, which retails as the “All-in-One Pop-On Manicure” that’s reusable.

As much as I am not a fake nails kind of woman, I recognize that with time, new technology and ideas, ineffective products can become very effective. Glue tabs make way for glue. Glue makes way for better glue, and so on and so on.

So I kept an open mind. And I was impressed with the founder’s story about coming up with these in her dorm room.

I bought a set of Shattered Deeds “Black Glass,” which has an iridescent shattered glass look on a black background. I didn’t do anything with it for months. Until a couple weeks ago. I decided I really wanted to give these a go.

I sat down in front of Netflix to binge a little “Gossip Girl,” and got to work.

Static Nails Shattered Deeds review on BeautyJudy

I followed the instructions. I found the nails that best fit my nail beds, and ended up having to use the file to shape a couple near the cuticle. For 2 + days of wear, the company recommends you use a thin line of glue from base to tip of the nail, so that’s what I did. I gave it a few seconds, then pressed the nail firmly onto my nail bed for a minute or so.

Honestly, it couldn’t have been any easier.

I did my nails at a time when I wouldn’t be exposing them to water; I’d already done the day’s dishes earlier. So they had a good amount of hours to “set,” if they needed it.

This was Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning, I got my toddler up and as soon as I hit the kitchen to grab her breakfast, I did something and popped up one of the thumb nails up. I glued it back after I’d provided my hungry girl with a cut-up banana.

Then, later the same morning, doing something else, I popped off the other thumb. Neither nail came completely off, but I was able to successfully glue them back down.

In both instance, I felt the “pop off” was on me.

All day Saturday we took a hayride, ventured through a pumpkin patch; I did laundry, straightened my daughter’s bedroom; took care of a toddler, typed a lot, took a shower.

I lost both my thumbs again on Sunday morning.

Static Nails Shattered Deeds Black Glass review

Then I lost another. Then I started popping them off all my nails because I couldn’t stand the missing nails and I knew I would change them that night.

Aside from my two thumb incidents, when I sat down to do my nails again on Sunday night, I didn’t have any damage to my nails, really, just a tiny bit on my thumb. (In the photo above, you can see where some of what looks like it could be damage is glue, actually) Considering I’d popped them all off without proper removal (warm water is supposed to help loosen them up!) that’s pretty good.

The Static Nails set I purchased was $16 (I paid a bit less since I bought them at The Makeup Show NYC). You can purchase them at Sephora, or through the Static Nails website. There are a handful of designs, the majority of which are $16 but a couple are $38.

Bottom line: These glue onto your nails. They’re not meant to last forever. But this glue-on manicure lasted better than any other nail product I’ve used like this (I just want to call them fake nails, not “reusable manicure!” But I don’t want to offend, lol). I really want to get the pink iridescent version of the Shattered Deeds nails. I would most definitely use these again. But likely for a one-day event, not for a period of time. I’m just too rough on my nails to go the false route.

What do you think about Static Nails? Have you given them a go?

Disclaimer: I purchased this set at The Makeup Show NYC. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!