Happy Halloween 2016!

Disclaimer: PR samples and I’m a Jamberry consultant. See full disclaimer below.

Jamberry One Bad Apple Jamberry The Fairest OPI So Many clowns...So little time Halloween nail art beautyjudy

Happy Halloween everyone!

I’ve been having a blast getting my nails Halloween ready this October – what about you?!

I thought I’d share some of my manis from the past month. I used a combination of Jamberry Nail Wraps and regular nail polish for each look.

Yes, I’m a Jamberry consultant – I’ve been selling since January. I do it because I love and wear the products, so all of my looks these days include them. I am not an aggressive consultant, though, because I’ve been blogging for a long time and I’ve been hounded by reps in the past.

I do hope even if Jamberry is not your thing, that you’ll enjoy the mani pics, anyway : )

First mani – the one in the pic above – that’s my current Halloween mani! I used:

This was the mani I had on before my Halloween mani:

Zoya Olivera Jamberry Mistress of All Evil

I LOVE THIS. Here’s what I used:

The wraps glow in the dark, which was cool!

The mani before that incorporated some movie fun!

Jamberry Rag Doll KBShimmer Fright This Way Jamberry Tricks and Treats

This mani includes:

My very first mani of the Halloween season – and truly my favorite of the whole month – was:

KBShimmer Band Geek Jamberry Double Trouble Jamberry Dem Bones

  • Thumb and middle fingers: KBShimmer Band Geek
  • Pinky finger: Jamberry Double Trouble wrap (retired)
  • Ring finger: ILNP Cozy Mittens with Jamberry Dem Bones nail wrap over it
  • Pinky: Dem Bones nail wrap

I decided a couple days in to change it up, because I wanted to sport a purple finger for #putthenailinit for domestic violence awareness:

Girly Bits Witch I'm Fabulous Jamberry Double Trouble Jamberry Dem Bones

What’s different:

  • Index finger has the white background Double Trouble wrap (it’s a mixed mani wrap, but sadly still retired)
  • Thumb and middle fingers are Girly Bits Witch, I’m Fabulous

I really enjoyed doing Halloween manis this year. Did you do anything fun and festive for your manicures this Halloween?!

Stay safe tonight, everyone!

Disclaimer: I received the Zoya Olivera and KBShimmer Fright This Way previously for honest consideration. I bought the other nail polishes and nail stickers. I am a Jamberry Independent Consultant at BeautyJudyJams.Jamberry.com. I linked to the wraps on my site to show you what they look like (some are “mixed mani” wraps.”). I purchased the wraps in this post, and received commission on the purchase. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!