Guess who’s here?!

If you follow me on social media, you might have already heard the news, but I’m very excited to share that our daughter, Lorelei, arrived on June 24, 8:38 a.m. via c-section!

She weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 inches long!

Here we are in our first family photo!

BeautyJudy Baby

As I lay on the table, feeling no pain but feeling the pressure of the doctor bringing Lorelei into the world from my womb, I listened hard for the first sounds of her as she arrived. She didn’t burst into a crying fit, but she let out a small cry, and I was instantly emotional.

One of the OR staff hurried over with Lorelei to show Mike and I what she looked like before they took her back to the newborn area and began to clean her off and take some of her stats. My first thoughts were varied from “OMG she’s here!” to “LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!” I swear, her hair is an inch, inch and a half long and it covers her head.

Mike went back and forth between me and the baby, delivering to me her birth stats, and telling me how beautiful she was. Eventually, they brought her over to me, wrapped up like a baby burrito, and put her right next to my head and I cried. It’s sort of a blur but we took photos, some of which were amazing in-the-moment that really captured the emotion. Like this one, of me meeting Lorelei for the first time:

BeautyJudy Baby

We were both crying, lol! It was traumatic for both of us (obviously, for her being taken from her cozy home for the last 9+ months and I was petrified of the c-section procedure, fearing most the spinal, which was a bit more of an ordeal than it should have been, just as I feared etc etc).


Like any good beauty and nail blogger, I prepared for birth by wearing an occasion-appropriate nail polish: Lorelei by Powder Perfect. It’s a beautiful purple creme with lots of aqua shimmer.

Lorelei Powder Perfect nail polish BeautyJudy baby

It applied easily, and was opaque in two coats. I wore it for five or six days. It chipped a lot by the time I took it off; I have been washing my hands so much, I wasn’t surprised that it had chipped so much.

I also chopped my long nails down to just above the quick, still in a square shape. I loved this mani.

After I took Lorelei off my nails, I cut my nails down more, and I rounded out the shape. I didn’t want to scratch her face during breastfeeding, as I almost did a couple times before chopping them.

My Lorelei nails and my baby Lorelei 🙂

BeautyJudy Baby

It’s been an adventure having Lorelei in our lives. I feed her 8 or more times a day. We let her sleep an extra hour in between feedings at night, so we are able to get four to six hours of sleep each night, even if it’s broken up by 45 minutes to an hour of feeding time.

We love spending time with her, cuddling with her, and taking her in. We have a mat and we try to do tummy time with her, although she’s not a fan, really:

BeautyJudy Baby

I love being a mom. There have been nights when she is extremely fussy, and nothing can calm her until I take her and lay her against my chest and she scooches herself up under my chin, nestles in and quiets to sleep. It’s moments like that where I realize I’m not just a mother, I’m someone’s mommy. It’s an amazing bond we’re developing.

BeautyJudy Baby

I’m hoping to find time to blog as we continue to get used to having this little miss in our lives, and making sure we’re giving her the love and attention she needs.

Thank you for sharing my joy in this journey. I hope you enjoyed this post!

The love and happiness I feel, even when I have to wake at 3:45 a.m. to breastfeed, is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. <3