Less than one month left: Countdown to Baby!


That’s my babe!

Lorelei Ann. Lo, for short.

A little girl that has stolen my heart and she isn’t even due to arrive for another three weeks and 4 days.

I’ve been back to regular blogging lately while also balancing getting our lives ready to accommodate this little miracle, but I wanted to get in one last “BeautyJudy Baby” update before I have her, because I’m pretty sure it could happen anytime…although she was breech at my growth scan (photo above) in week 33, and again at 34 weeks at my doctor’s office, and the doctor scheduled a c-section for the week of our due date.

So we’ll see what happens! Whatever gets her here, healthy and safely, is OK by me.

While my life is as prepared as it can be, my blog is not! In between getting ready for her arrival, and getting ready to leave work for maternity leave, I have been trying to schedule posts a week out; but when I’m done, I’m done for an undetermined amount of time. I will be on hiatus as I get used to life with a newborn, a lack of sleep and an incredible love I can already feel bursting inside of me.

But enough mushiness! I thought I’d share some recent adventures and pics!

First, a couple weeks ago, we installed our car seat. My husband tested out the straps with the Build-a-Bear cat that he bought me for our one-year dating anniversary (you press one paw, he meows. Mike recorded himself saying “I love you Judy, mwah,” for the other paw, but the other paw doesn’t work anymore sadly!).

car seat

Mike said he was glad he tested it out with Timmy Two (yes, Mike picked me out a stuffed kitty that looked like Timmy, so I could have Timmy with me when I wasn’t with Timmy – before the three of us lived together…it was a sweet gift). Anyway, Mike almost took off Timmy Two’s head when he adjusted the straps. We continue to practice!

Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this but we lost our furbaby; Timmy passed on April 30. We had to make the decision to put him down and it still hurts so badly, but we know he is in a better place. I miss him everyday. Timmy Two was once a sweet gesture that Mike made, but that stuffed animal has become a comfort to me as we get used to life without our boy.


The weekend before, we came to the realization that the house we’re under contract for won’t happen before my due date (it’s a short sale and I think that name is stupid – it’s been anything BUT short!). So we have to get our place ready for baby. We have been cleaning, decluttering, packing and moving things to storage in preparation. Mike put together her swing, Diaper Genie and her mobile crib, which we’re using as a bassinet.

baby stuff

In front is my Rebecca Minkoff sample sale ($50!!!) diaper bag.

The swing is now in our living room. The crib will go in our bedroom when she arrives so it’s easier to feed and change her at night. The Diaper Genie is also in our bedroom, and a bookcase is now where the Genie is in this photo; the book case is full of baby supplies like diapers, wipes, breast pump and feeding tools, bottles and accessories like a Nose Frida. Where the swing used to be are two big tubs – one has all her clothing/socks/headbands etc up to 3 months in size and the other has all her linens/burp clothes/towels/blankets/swaddling stuff.

Speaking of clothes! I packed her some possible going home outfits! Since we don’t know how big she’ll be, I packed two outfits in newborn and 0-3 month options:

coming home outfits

I hope I can bring her home in the newborn outfit bottom right 🙂

Oh, and Mike is super excited about baby. He talks to my belly all the time and enjoys when she reacts by kicking him when he’s leaning his face on my belly, lol. He’s so excited he ordered himself his own diaper bag…it’s “tactical,” my outdoorsy husband told me…

daddy diaper bag

That’s him packing it with worthwhile stuff like a wipes clutch, hand sanitizer and diaper trash bags. Of course, he’s adding some questionable things. Like cotton swabs and Sharpie markers. What?! I poke fun at him but I’m thrilled he’s so excited.

FInally…I’ve got some bump pics! This is a comparison – on the left is from week 4, a day or two after I took my positive pregnancy test…the right is almost at 36 weeks done. My maternity T-shirt does not cover my bump anymore, lol!

then and now

I took a couple 36-week bump shots on Saturday, because I was wearing my “Due in June” tank!36 weeks

As far as pregnancy is concerned – I’m going to miss it. Especially feeling her move around in there. But I’m ready to move into the next phase of this adventure.

There are a myriad of pregnancy symptoms in the late third trimester that I won’t bore you with that make the experience uncomfortable 24/7. I am eternally grateful to experience them, because of what they mean. And I want her to grow and develop as long as she needs to in there! But like I said, I can’t wait to meet her 🙂

Thanks for reading this update and joining me on this journey!