Zoya Wishes Collection

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Zoya Wishes nail polish collection swatches and review on BeautyJudy 2014

If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for?

If I go with my knee-jerk reaction to that question…I admit that I’d wish for “just enough money.” Money that would make it easier for us to buy a house with a 20% down payment, have our baby girl and survive the hospital expenses, and live comfortably. Maybe even enough for me to be a stay-at-home mom and switch gears to do freelance writing and blogging vs. a full-time career.

Alas, we can make all the wishes we want but unless we stumble upon a genie or a winning lottery ticket…the Zoya Wishes Collection is a nice compromise – am-I-right?!

Zoya Wishes is a six-piece winter collection that came to my desk right as I began my intolerance to polish but thankfully, as I’m doing better, I was able to swatch the ones I haven’t worn yet so I could get my review posted, finally!!!

The collection is very diverse in finish. Check these pretties out!


Zoya prim nail polish swatches and review on BeautyJudy 2014

Prim is a velvet blue metallic with a full coverage, high-density pigment. I used two coats of Prim for my mani with her, and smoothed out the majority of the brush strokes with top coat. I wore this beauty for about four or five days with minimal chipping. I wasn’t sure if this blue was “me,” but I found I enjoyed the departure from the bolder blues of summer and fall.


Zoya Nori nail polish swatches and review on BeautyJudy 2014

Nori is a sapphire blue Magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter. Perhaps it’s because as I write this review, everyone I know is taking their kid to see Disney Frozen on Ice in my area, but this polish screams FROZEN to me, lol! Shown in two coats, this blue is without hesitation a favorite for me! I love the Magical PixieDust formula, too.


Zoya Thea nail polish swatches and review on BeautyJudy 2014

Thea is a deep amethyst Magical PixieDust with an orchid flash, packed full of holographic hex glitter. Shown in two coats – this was the first Wishes polish I wore when I first received them, and it didn’t disappoint!


Zoya Imogen nail polish swatches and review on BeautyJudy 2014

Imogen is a black crystal Magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter. I call this one a LBP – a little black polish! This one is the kind of polish you might be taking off today post-New Year’s Eve festivities! Shown here in two coats.


Zoya Haven nail polish swatches and review on BeautyJudy 2014

Haven is a plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid for added brilliance. The glow on this one is beautiful! I wore this one for about four or five days, as well. 


Zoya Willa nail polish swatches and review on BeautyJudy 2014

Willa first popped up during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City – check it out here – she’s a full-coverage, onyx black creme polish. A black creme that easily applies and builds to opacity is a great asset to anyone’s nail polish collection! I used this one as an undie for a Christmas glitter a couple weeks ago!

The three PixieDusts retail on the Zoya site for $10, and the other three are $9. They can be found here on the Zoya website.

The one benefit of not being able to rush and swatch these polishes is that I was able to wear the majority of them and get to know them BEFORE I wrote my review – a luxury that sometimes I don’t have as a blogger. And I really enjoyed that.

My favorites from Wishes? I think Imogen would win my absolute favorite.

I’m sure you’ve seen – and probably purchased from if interested! – the Wishes collection by now. What do you think? Any favorites here?!

Disclaimer: I received the Zoya Wishes collection from the PR Firm/Manufacturer for honest review. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!