My Nails and My … Craft Fair!



Disclaimer: Previous press samples used in mani. See bottom.water marble

Polish and nail art addicts know that special events, fun activities and holidays all mean one thing: AWESOME NAILS. So I’ve decided every now and then to share with you what my nails are up to. When I pick nail art or polish for something special, I’ll share details with you! Kinda a nails adventure story! Let me know what you think of this post, and I’ll know whether it’s still worth doing in the future! So for my second “My Nails and My…” it’s going to be my nails and my … Pitman Craft Fair!

This past Saturday, I made plans with myself!

I decided to go to the Pitman Craft Fair, in southern NJ. It’s a large craft fair – I saw somewhere online that 10,000 people go; I wonder how many were there this year because it was shoulder-to-shoulder people!

I was going mainly to connect with a vendor who is the focus of a feature I’m writing for the newspaper. But I was excited to go, because I LOVE wandering around craft fairs, and seeing how creative people can be!

Above were my nails that day. I am doing #31DC2014 (31 day challenge), and that day called for a water marble. I spent quite a lot of time on my mani the night before, Using Zoya Spencer as a base, then adding drops of Jessica Mad for Madison, Blue Harlem and Soho in Love; KB Shimmer Shore Thing and Zoya Margo. I also added Spencer in there. I topped it all with Sally Hansen Take the Leap for the pink/purple sheer shimmer.

Something I discovered, as I wandered the aisles, was just HOW many people dabble into making soaps/lotions and jewelry.

Take For Body’s Sake, for example!

pitman 2

For Body’s Sake had adorable Halloween-themed soaps for sale – these skulls, in different scents, as well as bats!

They also had a table full of scrubs:


I couldn’t resist – I picked up a pumpkin scented one! Other yummy-scented soap included this one, Nutty Almond:

pitman 3

Then there was lip and cuticle care – “Cuticle Butta”:

pitman 4 pitman 5

I picked up an Island Vacation-scented Pudgy Lip Balm, Cuticle Butta, Purple Cherries Lip Balm and Prissy Pink Lip Butter.

I spent about $26 on five products – not shabby! I can’t wait to try my new goodies, since I can reorder or try new things through their website. They are also on Facebook here!

Next up in my discovery, was Shayla Shine’s Designs! This is the vendor I’m writing about for the paper so I won’t go into too much detail – but she creates nail polish jewelry. She lives in my cousin’s town, and she seems awesome.

pitman 6

Shayla Shine’s Designs is on Facebook here. I’ll share more soon!

Finally, I came across Solomon’s Private Gardens. The woman that owns it told me she started her own line of body and skin care because she has rosacea. I felt comfortable purchasing from her because of that, although I passed on the face cream, it looks like I can call and order from them if I want. They have their phone number listed on their Facebook page (linked to above) and they have a BOATLOAD of scents! I picked up a soap and a lotion in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – and it doesn’t smell anything like the Bath & Body Works scent – I fell in love with it on the spot! Here’s the front of the table – all their “All Natural Soaps & Body Treats.” They make scrubs, lotions, all types of things…

pitman 8

I don’t really care for peach-scented or flavored things, but I had to take a picture of this lotion – everyone probably thinks Georgia is for peaches…but we ARE the Garden State, and our peaches are delish!

pitman 7

I was so excited to try the products that all these local women have made. Perhaps it’s my encounters and experiences with indie nail polish that has me so excited about local, small businesses, but I think it’s neat.

By the way! I ended my trip to the craft show by walking about a mile back to my car. I stopped at 7-11 and got a Slurpee – I mix ALL the flavors – and a soft pretzel for the walk (it was SO hot Saturday!) and had a really nice morning with just me, myself and I!

Would you be interested in hearing my reviews of any of these products? Let me know – I’d love to share the love. It looks like you don’t have to be local to buy it, if you like how it performs for me!

Disclaimer: I received some of the polishes used in the water marble to review from the PR firm/Manufacturer previously. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!