#31DC2014 – Days 1-6!

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Chalkboard nails #31dc2014 nail art challenge on BeautyJudyThanks Chalkboard Nails for the challenge and the image above!

Sometimes you need a little life breathed into what you’re doing to get out of a rut, or to simply change things up and connect with the creativity inside you!

I saw that Chalkboard Nails posted her intentions to do the #31DC2014 – 31 Day Challenge for 2014 – this month, inviting everyone to join her. Well, I decided this was perfect, as I’ve got these strong, long nails right now and I want to do more with them!

Each week, I’ll share manis from the challenge, until I’ve shared all 31. I wanted to post this earlier in the week but I had to get my Fashion Week coverage out! I’m trying to stay on track as far as doing new nail art every day, but I am not going to pressure myself if I have to miss a day. Things are a little nuts and over the weekend, I came down sick. So, I will complete all 31 days, but if I do it in more than 31 days, I’m going to be kind to myself!

Day 1 – Red Nails

The Painted Nail Katie Cazorla red SallyAnn nail polish with Serum No. 5 rose nail decoration nail art on Beautyjudy #31dc2014

For Day 1, I decided to keep it simple! I used The Painted Nail SallyAnn – a beautiful red – and added a simple flower 3D nail decoration from Serum No. 5 to each ring finger. Classic! SallyAnn applied like butter, and was very opaque in two coats.

Day 2 – Orange Nails

nail art on Beautyjudy #31dc2014 orange nails prompt SpaRitual Wilderness with China Glaze If in Doubt Surf it Out

For orange nails, I dug into my purchased untrieds and did a base of China Glaze If In Doubt, Surf It Out, followed by a cuticle-to-middle-of-the-nail accent of SpaRitual Wilderness. I loved this, Wilderness is stunning!

Day 3 – Yellow Nails

nail art on Beautyjudy #31dc2014 yellow nails smiley face emoticon wink face Morgan Taylor Doo Wop and Sinful Colors Face the Facets and Nubar Two-Way Nail Art Pen in Black

I couldn’t get out of the “fun” mindset when it came to the yellow nails prompt! So I did Sinful Colors Face the Facets on my index and pinky fingers – three coats – and two coats of Morgan Taylor Doo Wop on my middle, ring fingers and thumbs. I added a smiley face (that looks more pumpkin-y or Frosty the Snowman to me!) on one nail with Nubar Two-Way nail art pen in Black, and a wink face emoticon on the other Doo Wop finger. I liked the idea of old fashioned smiley with trendy smiley.

Day 4 – Green Nails

nail art on Beautyjudy #31dc2014 Essie Vices Versa and Sinful Colors Emerald Envy with orly Hot Yellow water-based instant artist funky french green nails prompt

Green nails made me think of margaritas, for some reason! I did a base of Essie Vices Versa, and covered my tips in Sinful Colors Emerald Envy. Although textured, I covered it with top coat. I also used an Orly Water-Based Instant Artist in Hot Yellow as an accent line. Although it’s not a margarita mani (I want to do one with a salt-like rim so badly!) that’s what it reminded me of!

Day 5 – Blue Nails

nail art on Beautyjudy #31dc2014 blue nails prompt Zoya Ryan Natty Skylar Remy Yuna Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Tulle Kit brush mani

For blue, I wanted something sophisticated! I covered a few shows at New York Fashion Week. So I took a base of Zoya Ryan, and a brush from CND, and randomly brushed on Zoya Natty, Skylar, Remy and Yuna. I did horizontal brushes and vertical brushes every other polish. Then I did random quick strokes with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Tulle Kit to add a light shimmer. I LOVED how this came out. I want to call the technique dry brush, but I’m not sure if that’s accurate. All I know is, my nails were stylin’!

Day 6 – Violet Nails

nail art on Beautyjudy #31dc2014 violet nails prompt OPI Push & Pur-Pull negative space and Sephora FormulaX Singularity mani

Violet nails was a tough challenge only because I came down sick this weekend and I didn’t feel like painting my nails. In fact, I usually do my nails the night before but chose NyQuil and went to bed early. So I woke up and once my sinus meds started working I quickly did my usual base of Probelle Touch n’ Grow Plus, added a layer of Morgan Taylor Stick With It base coat, let it dry, added thick and thin straight line nail vinyls on my nails, and painted the OPI Push & Pur-Pull in the middle, with Sephora FormulaX Singularity at the cuticle base and tip. Although Singularity dries matte, I covered the whole thing with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat. I phoned it in, only doing four nails. But I didn’t take it off until it was time for Day 7, which I’ll share with you in next week’s post!

So there you go. Are you participating in the #31DC2014?! I’d love to hear – of the first six days, what prompt did you love most?! If you’re not participating – what above do you like best?!

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